Karan Razdan: Rajini will return but as an OTT series

Actor and writer of hit DD series Shane (1985), Karan Razdan, says that it is the right time for the return of the iconic show, but as an OTT series running in a season of 5-6 episodes each.

author of hit movies like hearted (1994) and Diljale (1996) says “I have written” Rajini’s return But we could not solve it with a TV channel. Today, we have many more serious issues than those prevalent in the ’80s, which I weaved in. Now, I intend to make it as a season-based OTT series by touching on various issues. ,

On zeroing in on the character iconic by the late Priya Tendulkar, his ex-wife, Razdan says, “We had a daughter Guddu on the show, who will now grow up as Ram Rajni Prabhakar and inherit the qualities of her mother. We are still not sure who will play that role. It will be a very interesting and relevant family show.” The TV show was then directed by Basu Chatterjee and now Razdan intends to direct it.

He was recently in Lucknow for the shooting of the film paper2, “It was my second visit this year. I have written the film Suriya, a remake of a Malayalam film, which I have adapted in Hindi. So, I came to Lucknow to meet Sunny (Deol), who was shooting mutiny 2, Then Satish (Kaushik) asked me to act in his film, where I am in a kind of relationship with Neena Gupta.

During his back-to-back travels, he fell in love with Lucknow. “It has a character of its own that attracts you. I want to bring a project here someday. I did a lot of chikankari shopping in the old town and visited the heritage monuments.”

director of controversial films like Havasi (2003) and friend Was on sabbatical after his last film Mr. Bhatti on leave (2013).

“In this period, I became a writer and wrote two books Tantra and Tatrika And Secret Law of Blessings, In between, I produced a TV show Amrita for DD. then i wrote my movie Hindutva For almost four years we shot extensively in Uttarakhand last year with Ashish Sharma and Sonarika Bhadauria. The film is based on youth politics in the backdrop of religion.”

Razdan further adds, “Acting for me is like a holiday which I enjoy but then I have to do some serious work then I will write and direct. Now, I don’t intend to write any book, but I have done some the title is written anyone can write a screenplay Which I will now direct. But, before that I will shoot the sequel of Hindutva in Varanasi and Prayagraj. I will be in Lucknow again at the end of September for the premiere of my upcoming film.

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