Sundance Horror Movie ‘Piggy’ Heads Home in October

After premiering at Sundance last year, the horror film Piglet (Read Megan’s review) Now Heading Home From Magnet Release, Recently Dated for Release 14 October 2022,

In a Spanish horror film by writer/director carlotta pereda,

With the summer sun in her rural Spanish town, Sarah hides in her parents’ butcher shop. A teenager whose overweight makes her the target of constant bullying, she runs away from a group of mischievous girls, who torments him at the town pool, only to stumble he is brutally kidnapped by a stranger, who drives in his van with them.

“When the police start asking questions, Sara remains silent. Intrigued by that stranger—an interest that is mutual—she is torn between revealing the truth and protecting the person who saves it.”

Laura Galano stars in Piglet,

Megan wrote in her Sundance review, “Piglet Gives viewers plenty to chew on in this intimate morality tale punctuated by Galen’s haunting performance. Every single helplessness, fear, anguish, fury and even attraction of Sara is tangible. Pereda takes a keen eye on Sarah, making her feel even more personal through the aspect ratio and moderation in specific types of violence.

“He makes restraint Piglet More frightening than outright horror, but its effects are felt all the same way,” Megan’s review continues.

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