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Sam Harris (David Daniels) is still sad at the loss of his mother. Looks like he’s the only one who’s really suffering along with his sister Amy (Olivia Sanders) being too young to understand and Sam’s older brother, Michael (Sam HadenTeenagers are much more concerned with things related to boys. Even his father, Daniel (Jeremy Carrey) moved on after meeting Kim and remarried (Tuesday Night,

Sam is also a typical boy of his age and is obsessed with comic books and a TV hero from a cartoon show called Barbarian Man. However, there is also the legend of The Bloody Man that creeps into Sam’s young mind and even though it may scare him, he can’t help but tell the story of how he came to be.

The trouble is, the more The Bloody Man is remembered, the stronger his presence becomes before it comes into the lives of the Harris family and torments them for real.

bloody man A Horror Film And A Tribute To Everything Of The Eighties Directed By Daniel Benedict and co-written by Cassie Clark, However, despite some good moments, there is certainly room for improvement.

Firstly, The Bloody Man is very long and could have been done with about an hour cut out of its run time. With The Bloody Man’s Arrival taking so long to produce, the film takes too long and instead of telling a suspenseful story, it comes across as a confusing plot with little direction.

Second, once The Bloody Man arrives, his presence is partially overshadowed. Nicholas Redds Partly because of his lack of thought about performance and his character design. There’s nothing more creepy about a man dressed up with a splash of fake blood on his bald head, but at least the production tries.

There are some interesting parts in the third act that feel out of place while watching the rest, but at least it might wake up some audience members. Sam’s rotoscoped comic book imagery is a particular attraction. Plus, Amy’s retelling of The Bloody Man story is adorable. However, all this is too little too late and a waste of time for what appears to be a first draft of a horror film.

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