When Meena Kumari spoke about starting acting at age of 4

Meena Kumari was unanimously described by critics as one of Hindi cinema’s ‘historically incomparable actresses’. However, another popular title that the actor earned was that of ‘Tragedy Queen’. Meena Kumari had to face many struggles in her life since childhood, which earned her the infamous title. read also, Gulzar recalls Meena Kumari was ‘severely ill’ during Mere Apne

Meena Kumari was born as Mehjabeen Bano on August 1, 1933, to artist Ali Bux and Iqbal Begum. When Meena was just four years old, Ali Bux began taking her to the studio and asking for work for her, making her a self-made earner. family at a very young age.

When asked if it is true that she started working in films at the age of just 4, Meena said, “Yes, it is absolutely true.” He further clarified that it was not his choice to start going to film studios instead of schools like other kids. She said, “I didn’t do Muntakhab, just like the condition of the society made me Muntakhab. And I myself want me to go to school, padhu-likhu. Be a doctor, be a yavkil banu or whatever. Never chose, I was driven to choose it because of circumstances. I personally wanted to go to school and study, be a doctor or a lawyer or something. But circumstances made me a film actress).”

Meena’s first credited appearance was in Vijay Bhatt’s Leatherface, which was released in 1939 when she was six years old. It was Vijay Bhatt who changed his name from Mehjabeen Bano to Baby Meena during the filming of his 1940 play Ek Hi Bhool. She was first cast as Meena Kumari in Bachchan Ka Khel (1946).

By the time of her premature death in March 1972 at the age of 38, Meena had acted in over 90 films in a career spanning nearly 34 years. He died of liver cirrhosis. After Meena’s death, her close friend and actor Nargis famously wrote a note congratulating her on her death, citing it as her freedom from a difficult life.

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