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Alia Bhatt is gearing up for many new roles in her life. She is a mom-to-be, enjoying the love and attention of her mother-in-law Neetu Kapoor and of course husband Ranbir Kapoor. On the professional side, she is making her debut as a producer with Darlings, a dark comedy that plays a big role in domestic violence, abusive spouses and the tendency of women to sweep their emotions under the carpet. In an exclusive conversation with ETimes, Alia opened up about all the new aspects of her life. She also reveals how the love and admiration overshadowed the negative comments and trolling on her pregnancy. read on…

You are a producer, you are a new mom, you recently got married. Do you believe in the power of expression?

I don’t reveal things by sitting down, but I firmly believe in things. But still you will not get everything in life. Just before the release I want it to do really well, really strongly, but still, if the film doesn’t do well, it doesn’t mean my expression doesn’t work, it just means that The film didn’t work. Sometimes things are not under your control, but you always need faith to get through the day and the tough moments of life.

Were you disappointed with all the negative reactions and noise that came out after you and Ranbir announced your pregnancy?

It was a beautiful experience. There was so much love and positivity. We got so warm. When you talk about noisy people, I expected it because every beautiful thing has an opposite. There is a stain on the moon too. I was not surprised by the negative reactions, nor was I bothered by them. I think these things come out of a very dumb and shallow place. I only remember the good things and there’s still a lot of love to come. Why not focus on the positives instead of focusing on a few absurd eyebrows.

In our exclusive interview, Karan Johar revealed that he got emotional when you told him about your pregnancy. How do you feel about that?

I will never forget that moment, because Karan was crying wearing that cap, it was so sweet to him. But Karan and I sit and laugh about it today, but will always remember those moments when you are sharing the big news with the loved ones in your life. We are all a combination of our memories and it’s nice to look back.

From being a naive actress who broke up with Student Of The Year, to being cashed in for your trivia to now becoming a power producer, how do you see your journey of 10 years in showbiz?

When people ask me if you’ll go back and change anything about your life, I always say I really have no regrets. I have nothing that I can change in the past because who I am today is because of all the steps I have taken in the past. I feel so grateful that I have a voice that can put the material together. I can promote ideas coming to me from young directors and writers and it’s a beautiful situation. It is also a position of responsibility. I have worked hard to reach where I am today. Hard work is a given in any field, but I feel none of it would have been achieved without blood, sweat, tears and many sleepless nights. But I have suffered. I am looking forward to building my production house and adding more content.

How much of your personal ties and feelings did you put into the character of Darlings, given that you are now experiencing motherhood as your character in the film is?

Relationships are always different, and I don’t have much in common with my character in Darlings. That’s what makes the character so fresh. When it comes to motherhood, there are some universal things like – friendship, love and there are many layers like sometimes you are the mother and sometimes she is the mother or vice versa. Those things happen to be the same, but not just for me, but for the audience as well, so that they can relate to the characters and their dynamics.

An abusive relationship is a central theme in your film. How do you think women should respond to abuse and violence in their relationships?

I feel very sad to know that there are so many people who are scared and living their life alone. This is the biggest fear for so many women. How do I do everything alone?

It’s hard to say how a woman should react to an abusive relationship. Ideally he should distance himself from it and I think that is what we are trying to say through the film. You have your identity, you have your own needs and what happens in our society is that we are taught to put the needs of our partner before our own. It is a representation of an abusive relationship between a man and wife, two life partners. But sometimes it can happen in other dynamics as well. Violence of any kind, when done on a person is not okay, it is not allowed.

Women who are in an abusive relationship should have the self-awareness and responsibility of themselves to know that it is not their fault. Ignore what people will say you are doing wrong. It is not something that you need to bear. People assume this happens, so just go with it and suck it up. But why should this be the case? There is no need to do this, you only have one life. Different people will react differently to this situation, but at some point, they must react at some point.


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