How to break up with someone who is bad for you and start international dating

In order to look after your mental health, you have to end toxic relationships, especially when you are in a romantic relationship that is bad for you. Honesty is always the best policy, so having a candid conversation with that person is necessary. After you get over the breakup, you will be able to start international dating lovingly.

  • How to let go of toxic relationships

Modern psychology has confirmed that all mental health issues have something to do with human relationships. Toxic relationships can poison your mental health, so you have to know how to let go of toxic relationships!

  1. Evaluate the toxic relationship.

If a relationship doesn’t make you feel good, you have to examine the nature of this relationship – Is this a one-way street? Is that person an energy vampire?

Be honest with yourself. Honesty is the prerequisite of finding the right solution.

2. You are the most important person in the universe.

Sometimes that person is a family member, so it’s very hard to let such a relationship go. But you have to remember that you’re the most important person in the universe. You only have 1 life. Your time here is limited because you are only here once.

Clearly, if you don’t let go of this toxic relationship, you won’t be happy – that’s been proven already. Therefore, a much better option is to let go of this relationship so that you can be free.

3. If it’s necessary, build the courage to have the difficult conversation.

Let’s say that person wants to maintain the relationship with you. Now you have to build enough courage so that you can have the difficult conversation with them effectively.

During the conversation, your attitude has to be kind, sincere and honest. But the words that you say to them must be crystal clear. After that, your new life will be liberating!

  • How to enjoy life… when life is hard

There is no rose without thorns. But even though life is tough at times, you can still smell the roses! 😉

  1. Prioritize your sleep.

Make the quality of your sleep a priority in life. Kate Northrup even said, “Sleep heals everything. Sleep is a spiritual practice.” I agree with her 1000%.

Feeling tired and unmotivated? Go to bed early. It’s perfectly okay to go to bed at 7pm or even 6pm!

2. Do something joyful every day.

If you are looking to enjoy life, check out this plan:

When you wake up in the morning, instead of checking your emails immediately, you do something that brings you joy first. This can be dancing to the music in the living room or reading a chapter of your favorite novel!

Do what makes you happy first thing in the morning, and then you will be ready for the day! 😊

3. Pleasure is your birthright.

Pleasure is actually about feeling sensually satisfied in various ways, e.g., eating dark chocolate, receiving a massage, listening to a romantic song, etc.

You are entitled to pleasure because it’s your birthright. Remember to bring pleasure to your life now. 😉

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