Sudesh Lehri says his is ‘a hate marriage’: ‘Why should I lie?’

Sudesh Lahiri has said that he can love his wife, so he would like to call it hate marriage. Sudesh got married at the age of 16. Sudesh appeared as a guest on Maniesh Paul’s podcast where he talked about his wife and their marriage. ,ALSO READ: Sudesh Lahiri hits out at ‘fall-out’ with Krushna Abhishek,

Talking about his wife, Sudesh told Maniesh Paul, “My wife does not understand English and I am not allowed to joke in the house. I vent my frustration in English because she doesn’t understand.” He also joked that he vents his anger in English because he doesn’t understand the language. “I can say anything. ‘I hate you, you’re a monk’ – I can’t say monkey.”

Manish then asked if Sudesh had done a love marriage, and he replied, “I hate marriage. I won’t lie. People say he fell in love and got married, I didn’t fall in love. Hence from marriage.” Hate, why should I lie? I say it with pride.”

Then he explained, “Sometimes hate marriages go smoothly like mine. That time, I got it. Tell me how bad it is in today’s times. You want a beautiful one, you have to bear the cost. When my Got married, I was very young. I was playing in the orchestra. My family was afraid that I might find someone and get married elsewhere. So, I told them, ‘Get me married.’

Sudesh also joked that he often misses his wife while performing on stage, especially when she sings sad songs. “I can remember him and sing all the sad songs, that makes my performance better,” he said.

Sudesh has appeared in many popular comedy shows including The Great Indian Laughter Challenge and The Kapil Sharma Show. He has also worked in many films like Dhamaal.

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