Anil Kapoor: Big international shows were pitched to me, but my priority is my family | Bollywood

Anil Kapoor has his priorities. At this stage of his life and career, the actor does not want to spend much time away from his family. He has been a part of international projects like 24 and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol (2011). Ask if we’ll see him in our next one soon, and he says, “Why not? If anything exciting comes my way, [I will do it], Also, for me, the filmmaker is very important, then the role and the time they need from me. ,

The 65-year-old raises the family, as he continues, “I’ve done a lot of shows in the UK, and I’ve got offers from all the big platforms. Sometimes, shows require a lot of your time. Then you have to make your choice – at this stage of my life, should I move away from my family to say yes to this show? ,

He tells us that there are big international shows lined up for him. “But unfortunately,” he says, “because of my priority – my family more than my career – I said I would love to live in India and do whatever I can here. Until it becomes something really big. No, I take my family’s consent. If they say yes, I do. I didn’t ask earlier, but now I have to ask them if I can stay away from them for so many months.”

Does he also consult her in choosing roles? The actor, who was recently seen in Jagjag Jio, replies, “It is always about timing and staying away from them, never the role. Then there are films like Thar, in which I have worked with my son Harsh (Vardhan Kapoor; actor), or a film that we are all producing, and it has to have me as a key member.


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