London’s ‘Saw: The Experience’ Opens Ticketing and Teases Immersive Escape Room Nightmare in New Trailer

If you think you have what it takes to survive sawSo we have good news for you: Tickets are now available Saw: Experience,

in partnership with lionsgate And twisted pictureexperiential production company Path Entertainment Group is offering Saw: ExperienceA brand new, immersive, multi-room escape experience to visit a secret location in London this fall.

Tickets for the Experience Now Available

Saw: Experience “Will be an adrenaline-fueled, theatrical experience that will bring the new Twisted Games to life in the world of the iconic horror film franchise. Combining the thrill of the escape room with the nerve-jangling horror, players will be pushed to their limits in this new interactive theatrical experience. ,

Thrill-seekers can make decisions that will not only change their journey but also those of fellow players. As Jigsaw would say, “Live or die, make your choice.”

David Hutchinson, CEO of The Path Entertainment Group, said:, “We are thrilled to partner with Lionsgate and Twisted Pictures to turn one of their most iconic film franchises, SAW, into the first official live immersive experience in the UK. It is a new concept that pushes boundaries and challenges audience expectations of immersive experiences. We look forward to continuing to contribute to the recovery of our high streets by drawing people to the capital with a new charm; Escape Rooms, the best of gameplay, theatrics and immersion combination of elements.,

Oren Coules and Mark Burgoproducer of saw The founders of the franchise and Twisted Pictures said “Our SAW fans reach every corner of the world, so we can’t wait to bring the films to life in London as an immersive escape experience. Now fans can be a part of the story and uncover how What Jigsaw’s Twisted Games has in store for them in SAW: The Experience.”

Saw: Experience Being brought to life by a highly experienced creative team which includes tom bayonCreative Producer from The Path Entertainment Group; Philip Carvalhocreative director; David Pizarroset designer; luke swafieldfor sound designer autograph sound, And John Komanlighting designer from woodroof basset design, Gameplay Consultancy and Show Control by Clockwork Dog.

Watch the new teaser below for a glimpse of what fans can expect.

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