Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Watching and Reading and Thinking and Listening to the First Week of August?

happy Wednesday! I am almost back to my normal life. I’m working, I’ve got groceries, I’ve watered my garden, it’s all coming together. Except for one plant that is dying, but I’m going to work on it after work today.

I will start!

watching: I’m plugged in Star Trek: VoyagerAnd yesterday my friends above and I saw Real Housewives: Ultimate Girls Trip, As you can see, I’m really challenging myself intellectually.

Reading: I’m really challenging myself with reading! When I was visiting my sister, I started the classic graphic novel series “Saga”. It is interesting and intense and good to read comic book instead of book-book or watching TV.

thought: It’s really incredibly nice to be home. Little things like “Oh look, here’s where I need the charger cord to be” or “My favorite shampoo is in the shower waiting exactly where I expect it!” or “Hey, it’s Albie Dog!” Although it is also fun to take care of two young children sleeping on the floor and never taking a bath.

hear: I was just remembering nephew A’s favorite song when he was about the same age as nephew B. And how incredibly inappropriate it was.

Now, question for you! Tomorrow is Kishore Kumar’s birthday, favorite song?

I would once again pick a nephew as a favorite, “Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi” or, as he puts it, “Babu Geet”.

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