Anjali Barot: I am all game to re-work with Hansal sir | Web Series

Actress Anjali Barot believes in being an anchor when everything is changing fast

Actress Anjali Barot believes in being an anchor when everything is changing fast.

“If it was not for OTT and YouTube, my work would not have reached the right people. Whatever little name and recognition it got, it was because of these platforms. this is the medium that made me look like a show scam 1992, Where I didn’t get a chance to work with anyone other than master director Hansal (Mehta) sir. So this is my way of giving back to where I started. And, I look forward to working with Hansal sir again in any of his future projects,” adds the house is set actor.

Barot says that even after getting such a big break as an actor, one should keep auditioning. “Things are not easy here. I remember auditioning for a series that released recently and later that role went to Fatima (Sana Shaikh). I was really excited to be a part of it but this Couldn’t work out. I got frustrated and even cried. Then I realized that at least I got a chance to live the character during the audition. Later, I shared my audition reel on social media and it was an instant hit. Done.

The young man was recently seen playing the role of an officer in uniform. “It still gives me goosebumps when I remember my role” Surveer, I am glad that I got a chance to play such a role early in my career. When you get to play such characters you realize how much our forces do for us. I am overwhelmed with the response as I worked hard for the role.”

Barot has just cast his first Gujarati film in the lead role. ,platform Everything is done and will release later this year. Rest I am busy shooting for another untitled project.”

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