‘Sick’ – First Look at Timely New Slasher Movie from ‘Scream’ Writer Kevin Williamson!

One of the movies announced this morning – With Us v/h/s/99, – for this year’s Midnight Madness slate Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) The one we wanted to put a single spotlight on is a horror film titled Sickwhich brings in particular the Scream And I Know What You Did Last Summer Author Kevin Williamson Back in slasher movie territory!

john hamso ,Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning“Black Summer”) directed Sick from a story by Williamson, and is being described as “aLean, Mean, and Wickedly Timed Slasher,

Check out the plot summary found on the film’s IMDb page here…

“Due to the pandemic, Parker and his best friend decide to quarantine alone at Family Lake House – or so they think.”

IMDb also lists kelion crab As for the writer, Williamson gets credit for the story.

While we await more details, you can check out the first look image from here Sick Above, which began with the announcement of today’s Toronto International Film Festival.

Official TIFF Website Lists Sick As an 83-minute long run, hitting that slasher sweet spot!

TIFF 2022 by runs September 8-18, 2022,

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