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Thomas Graham (Scott Hayes) lives with his father, Josiah (Robert Patrick) which still keeps a very tight grip on him. Feeling oppressed by his father, Thomas sees no way out and the local police are still talking about his mother’s murder as if it’s some sort of urban legend. However, there’s a family reunion on the horizon, so maybe Thomas has some hope.

Thomas’ brother Eli (Nick Stahlo) is going home, but he has fallen on the wrong side of the tracks and has found himself in a life of crime. He tries to find a way out of the situations in which he finds himself, but it always seems to be the easy way out. Mary, (Kelly GarnerThe only girl in the family has led a normal life despite her troubled upbringing. Now happily married to Ross (Tony Hale), Mary has got everything she ever wanted, but the past still haunts her in troubling ways.

Once home, Graham finds that there is much more to be discovered in his mysterious past.

what did josiah see is a slow-burn horror movie that found its way shiver, However, like some of Shudder’s catalogue, What Josiah Saw hardly passes through the horrors as it focuses more on the effects of family trauma and abuse.

Setting up the scene, the audience is introduced to Thomas and his influential father and is soon introduced to the rest of the family. The way each member of the family is introduced may distract some viewers, so although it shows their lives where they are now, it’s not exactly a character study that will keep their interest. could.

It’s really only at the end and in a few fleeting moments that can lead audiences to believe that What Josiah Saw is actually a horror movie. However, it feels like misdirection and manipulation to hide the real themes of the film.

The premise and framing of What’s Josiah Saw is clever and Shudder can offer something different to the audience as it is shot beautifully with great performances on all sides. Unfortunately its horrors somewhat undermine what could have been a more thoughtful story.

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