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director Joe Baden dinosaur blood Packs a lot into its seventeen minute runtime. The film is a Texas cowboy stew that is not allowed to simmer slowly. Instead, Badon is a frenzied cook who throws everything from the best cuts to gristle and bone in the pot.

think about dinosaur blood As part of Filmstrip Video, the public access TV show, obscure amateur YouTube videos, Mister Rogers’ NeighborhoodAnd Pee-wee’s Playhouse All combined and turned eleven on the hallucinogenic amplifier.

The kiddie show presenter, Uncle Bobo (Vincent Stalba), is our unblinking nutjob guide to the bottom depths of a deranged visual media hell. Presenting themes and themes ranging from environmentalism, fossil fuels, birth, death and rebirth have a DIY aesthetic infused with a meta vibe. dinosaur blood is captivating; Boring it certainly isn’t.

If rick and morty either Adult Swim’s Too Many Chefs Video is yours dinosaur blood will work for you. But, as mentioned above rick and mortyAfter sitting through a machine gun assault of meta gags, one has to wonder what the point of another piece of meta filmmaking is all about.

It could be that nowadays meta is the safest thing one can do. I dare say that non-meta honesty may be the craziest thing in 2022.

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