Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai recap: Suhasini asks Anisha to give up acting

The latest episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai brings lots of happy moments and good news. On one hand, Kairav ​​accepts Anisha’s proposal of marriage, and on the other, Harsh manages to book an appointment with Dr. Kunal Khera for Abhimanyu’s treatment. Read this article for all the updates. Read also| Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai recap: Kairav ​​decides on Anisha’s proposal

Kairav ​​and Anisha come together

In the previous episodes, we have seen Kairav’s girlfriend and Mahima’s daughter, Anisha surprising the family with her sudden return. She proposes to Kairav, while she is still shocked by his arrival, and the two families get into an argument. The new episode begins with Goenka’s sudden arrival at Birla House.

Akshara asks him the reason behind this surprise visit of the whole family, but Manish keeps quiet and asks them to wait. As everyone gets more tense wondering what new drama will unfold now, Suvarna gives her family bangles to Akshara and asks her to give them to Anisha. Goenka informs everyone that Kairav ​​has accepted Anisha’s marriage proposal.

The tense mood is immediately replaced by joy and celebration. Mahima and Akshara say that they want to start the rituals immediately. Meanwhile, Abhimanyu notices Suhasini’s absence and asks her to attend the festivities. Suhasini chooses not to join the rest of the family as she still does not accept Anisha. Will Abhimanyu be able to convince her and bring her to the party? Keep reading to find out.

Celebration Begins, But With a Twist

Abhimanyu reaches Goenka’s house and finds Suhasini sitting alone in the living room. He first tells her that he agrees with her opinion about Kairav ​​and Anisha’s relationship. However, he then convinces Suhasini to accept Anisha and give their relationship a chance. Suhasini reaches Birla House and the rituals begin. Harsh also reaches to join the celebration and wishes Akshara a happy birthday. The whole family comes together to bless Kairav ​​and Anisha.

Harsh also informs everyone that he has sent Abhimanyu’s report to Dr. Khera and that he is soon going to meet Abhimanyu for his treatment. Amidst all the celebrations, Suhasini announces something that upsets everyone. As the two families discuss possible dates of marriage, she reveals her terms for the marriage to everyone. She demands that Anisha not leave Udaipur and go to Mumbai for her acting career after marriage. Anisha gets shocked by his words. It has to be seen whether she accepts Suhasini’s conditions or whether Kairav ​​will support her in this.

To find answers to these questions and get more updates, read the next written update on HT Highlights. The next episode will also bring a new puzzle for Akshara as she finds something suspicious in Anisha’s behaviour. stay tuned!


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