These couples are and will be friends first!

‘Happy marriages are based on a deep friendship,’ says author and relationship expert Professor John Gottman. So, this Friendship Day we asked Lucknow-based actor-couple Pankhuri Awasthi-Gautam Rode and Amarpali Gupta-Yash Sinha about how they started off as colleagues before becoming best friends and eventually taking their friendship to the next level. . married.

They share the importance of being friends first and always than being a traditional couple in a marriage, where the roles are defined.

Pankhuri Awasthi and Gautam Rode

Talking about their journey as soul mates as friends, Razia Sultan And good luck more careful Actor Awasthi shared, “We started out as collaborators. When we started talking as co-actors, we realized that we were both rational types and this is where our friendship blossomed. It has been seven years since that day, we are best friends. One thing is constant in our relationship and that is friendship.

Rode says, “Because of our friendly bond, we don’t hesitate to be 100% transparent with each other. We share each other like honest friends and that is only possible when you have that kind of thing.” Have a friendly bond. We’re very happy with the fact that we’re not usually the traditional husband and wife out there,” says Rode.

Another story of friends turning partners, shared by very dangerous and Qin Rishton in Cuttack Actor claims. “Amarpali and I met for the first time in December 2007 while doing three Bahuriyaan shows. Six months later I came on board and joined the cast of the show. As the actor starred with Amarpali, could not continue due to some medical issues. It was then that we met on the sets and became good friends. I remember very well that apart from being friends, we had a lot of respect for each other from day one.”

Sinha adds, “Being quiet, I always found it easier to share things with Amarpali, even when we were friends working at the same place. Then around 2008 we started dating each other and finally we got married in Lucknow (2012).

Gupta, who has been a part of shows like Qubool Hai And Naaginsays, “Every day for us is friendship day as well as enemy day and that is life. We know very well how valuable friends are and it makes our relationship stronger!”

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