Bryanna Rain Takes off with “Arcades, Aeroplanes”

arcade, airplane

Brianna Rain

A captivating creation with a unique style.

Richmond, VA based musical creative, Brianna Rain, is a writer and singer with a serious passion for creating truly attention-grabbing work. With plenty of experience to back her up, the artist has been recording music for over a decade since her early debut solo EP, which Brianna released when she was just 13 years old. Apart from her musical pursuits, the artist has also published a picture book, is an animal lover, and enjoys role-playing video games. She released first surprise album episode, which featured the track “Mouth Sounds”. Her latest drop is accompanied by the fusion single “Arcades, Aeroplanes” and scenery,

With an infectious backdrop of electrifying, dance-ready beats, “Arcades, Aeroplanes” delivers a truly unique and immersive soundscape to complement the captivating reflections of electronica. Songs like “flying over arcades and airplanes, barricades, mountain ranges, Everglades” and “I’m ready to go to Mexico, wherever you wanna jam / We don’t give a damn” offer up a good exploration of wanderlust. And endless possibilities. With its groovy retro vibe and inspirational spirit, Brianna Ren’s latest creation has something for everyone. So hit the ‘play’ button and go on a wonderful adventure with “Arcades, Airplanes”.


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