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St. Diego (aka Young Dee or St. Dee) is a growing recording artist who is a one-stop shop for every aspect of the music making process. The Utah native boasts of a dynamic prowess as a rapper, singer, producer, and sound engineer. Possessing such versatility as a performer gives Saint Diego an advantage over his peers as he is involved in his music all the way from the point of creation to post-production.

With this high level of involvement, young creatives can shape their songs and sound into whatever vision they want. In another display of their musical mastery, Saint Diego has dropped a new release titled “Cold Coffee” through Aristocrat Records and in conjunction with GMusic Productions.

There’s also an accompanying music video for the single “Cold Coffee” featuring an assortment of catchy, colorful filters…. psychedelic in a sense. The scenery takes you on a virtual journey of sorts as you watch St. Diego perform the track in a variety of local landscapes. It’s definitely a must-watch, but let’s see what makes the Sonics of “Cold Coffee” pop like them.

“Cold Coffee” features a chill-hop, lo-fi soundscape driven by a rhythmic ambient phrase. St. Diego presents the instrument with a melodious, melodic flow that points you into an easy listening position. You just find yourself vibrating with the rhythm, especially as St. Diego digs into his harmony bag while singing the insanely catchy hook.

Saint Diego doesn’t even impress “Cold Coffee” with his vocal rendition, but his lyricism is off the charts… have come to define and style.

“Cold Coffee” is available on all streaming platforms and you can listen to it via the Spotify link given below. Stream it on repeat, playlist it and save it to your favorite library for quick access! Also follow Saint Diego’s profile so you’ll be in the loop on any new releases in the future.

We’ve also attached an embed of the official music video on YouTube. Check out the dazzling visuals for yourself and remember to give it a thumbs up, comment and share it on your socials!

You can follow him on Instagram to keep up with St. Diego’s musical endeavors https://www.instagram.com/gmusicprod either https://www.instagram.com/aristocratrecords20, Scroll down to read more about his musical journey in the Bio section. enjoy!

Watch the Official Music Video for “Cold Coffee” on YouTube

st diego – cold coffee (official music video)

St. Diego – Cold Coffee (Official Music Video) Stream or Download “Cold Coffee” now: https://linktr.ee/ARISTOCRATRECORDS

Listen to “Cold Coffee” on Spotify

cold enough

Listen to Cold Coffee on Spotify. St. Diego Song 2021.

St. Diego Bio

Versatility from Michael Jackson to Janis Joplin. Future and Drizzy grew up listening to Drake. The next wave is in the hands of this young and up-and-coming MC, singer, producer and engineer. He’s in for all the great tunes, catchy hooks, punchy lines, and solid bars.

Growing up in Kearns, Utah was very hostile to him. In his junior year of high school he was ready to give up and hit the road, thinking this lifestyle would fall into his lap.

Sometimes he would get up before sunrise just to write some raps or spit freestyle. Staying up late at night with local artists to touch up on their productions and set levels up. Anyone who wants to grow will be free from service. However it taught him patience and allowed him to see his worth. It never really sat down with him to pay for an engineer or manufacturer knowing he could do it all right there.

Continuing his next few years to focus primarily on his versatility, singing and craft, he surprised his colleagues and soon the locals would get to know about him. They have a strong and sticky team supporting this vision. To change the game and do all this while spreading the love. This is just the beginning for St. Diego.

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