Yaz releases a lovely music video for her “Anymore” single

Yaz is an emerging singer-songwriter from London, England. Not long ago, he released a cute music video for his solo single, titled, “anymore“Produced by Wonderbeats and The Six.

The video features Yaz traversing the familiar urban landscape of his home town, starting with a non-descript meadow and ending with a thoughtful look at it from the window of a bus. The eclectic and fast-paced video really immerses viewers in the colorful world of Yaz’s compelling Liquid DnB.

Yaz – “Now More” Music Video

“I never thought I’d say I didn’t want to go back. I never thought we might break up. But now, I see all the cracks in our quote, all those things you left. I agree I’m not finished yet, but I must let you go now. I’m standing in the street waiting near the bus stop where we used to meet. And you’re not there now, you’re not there anymore. I Can’t bare, can bare the idea that you don’t care anymore.” – Yaz explained

‘Anymore’ is the touching story of a young woman who finds herself riding several times past her former partner’s house. Apparently, every time she passes his house, she thinks about how he will feel when she sees him again. Later, she admits, “I was doing all this in my mind over and over again. People ask me if we can ever be friends. Over and over again, I wish they’d forgotten.”

“Anymore” features post-relationship-based narrative and ear-pleasing vocals that will resonate well with fans of the Pinkpanthers and Elfie. The likable tune consists of fast drum-laden instrumentation with electronic and hyper pop elements. Furthermore, “Anymore” follows lightly on the heels of Yaz’s hugely successful debut single, “Mr. Valentine”, which is written about her boyfriend, whose middle name happens to be Valentine.


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Active on YouTube since the age of 13, Yaz has carved a real niche for himself and has amassed a social media presence of over 750k. His unique and true outlook reflects his duality; Fresh and familiar with a nostalgic pop sensibility.

Yaz – “Now More”

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