Reviewing The Epic “Uncut Gems” 2019 Thriller, And How It Could Influence Future Gambling Movies

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Published on August 15, 2022 | by minshewnetworks

This upcoming December will take place three years after Adam Sandler’s 2019 crime film blockbuster, cut gemwas released in the United States.

cut gem It was directed by brothers Josh and Benny Safdie. Regarded as one of the best gambling films in recent memory, it stars Sandler as Howard Ratner – a jewelry store owner and avid gambler. The film is set in New York City, and it follows Ratner’s gambling addiction that gets him into significant trouble to the point where his own life is in danger.

The cast also includes Julia Fox (Julia De Fiore), Lakeith Stanfield (Damney), Idina Menzel (Dinah Ratner), and NBA legend and Basketball Hall of Famer Kevin Garnett, who also appears as himself. Fox received a “Breakthrough Actor Award” nomination at the 2019 Gotham Awards for his performance as De Fiore. Taylor Russell wins award for her performance as Emily Williams Wave’s,

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“Uncut Gems” brings adventure and gives an important lesson to the audience

cut gem Emotional, pacing and dramatic is more than a crime film.

Yes, it’s important for any crime movie with a major star like Sandler to have all of those elements. but cut gemLike some of the top timeless gambling movies, it does a great job of warning audiences about the dangers of gambling addictions.

Ratner’s character has a loving partner, close friends, and a jewelry store in one of the world’s most desirable cities. But unfortunately, Ratner’s life is put in significant danger due to his gambling addictions which lead him to join the Mafia. Ratner’s gambling issues also jeopardize relationships with loved ones, including his girlfriend (De Fiore).

Gambling addiction sadly affects many people as well as their families and friends. according to International Center for Responsible GamingAbout one percent of adults in the US have “a serious gambling problem”.

Other favorite gambling movies like kind of sport (nineteen ninety eight), gambler (1974) and Rogue (1994) Feature plot where the main characters put themselves in grave danger. Viewers can enjoy the thrill of such films but they also understand the importance of gambling very responsibly.

excellent pacing throughout cut gem From start to finish the spirited will keep the audience in their seats, and it’s hard not to feel Ratner’s character’s intense emotions the entire time.

How could “Uncut Gems” affect future gambling movies?

Generally speaking, in the current era of live-action movies, there aren’t many movies that are largely based on the gambling lifestyle.

Some forms of gambling (such as poker, slots and blackjack) play a significant role in several James Bond films and even in Martin Scorsese’s 1995 thriller, casino, But the actual gambling element is only displayed so often.

there is no indication that a cut gem A sequel is definitely on the horizon, but the critical and financial success ($50 million at the box office) cut gem Hopefully that will lead to more marquee gambling-based movies in the future.


Most of the best gambling movies have creative start-to-finish pacing, a troubled main character who is easy to sympathize with and an unforgiving/dangerous antagonist(s). cut gem Checks all those boxes.

without a doubt, cut gem A film that ideally makes for a blockbuster gambling film. Perhaps future gambling-related projects will be inspired by the success of the Safi brothers’ 2019 film.

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