What is Gohan Beast? How Did He Transform?

probably the most exciting Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero The film’s focus was on Gohan and Piccolo – two of the most beloved characters in the franchise. Fans who have longed for the duo to reach the level of series headliners Goku and Vegeta have finally made their wish come true, as the Gohan Beast is introduced into the series. How strong is this? How did Gohan achieve this? Why is it so different from Goku’s forms? The answers to all these and more are below.

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What is an animal?

Gohan Beast is the most powerful new form of Gohan. Unlike the more simple Super Saiyan god forms, it is based on Gohan’s more animalistic transformations that he had as a child. At the beginning of the Sai saga, Gohan’s power increased when he became angry, and while he was training under Piccolo, his tail turned him into a great ape. To reflect this history, the Gohan Beast is more original and wild in design.

According to series producer Akira Toriyama (and.) Translated by Twitter user Todd Blankenship), the original design for the Gohan Beast had pale skin color and a scary face. Toriyama realized that it didn’t feel like Gohan, and instead opted for bigger and more inverted hair. Toriyama also said that he’s not sure what kind of design he’ll create if he ever decides to give Gohan more form.

How did Gohan unlock the Gohan Beast?

Gohan receives the Gohan Beast when he sees that Piccolo is dying in a fight against Cell Max. Like the above changes made by Gohan, and very similar to his Super Saiyan 2 power-ups, Gohan’s power was triggered by painful rage. The sight of Cell Max killing his revered master unleashes his newfound power, just as the death of Android 16 had seen before.

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How strong is the Gohan Beast?

Considering that Gohan takes an absolute hit from Beast Cell Max and is completely taken aback, it’s fair to say that this facelift is extremely powerful. Gohan proceeds to destroy Beast Cell Max’s core and the energy ball he was creating, all through the use of a giant special beam cannon. While we can’t currently measure this form against Ultra Instinct or one of the Gods of Destruction, it certainly puts Gohan in a new league.

In the lead up to the film’s release, Toriyama said that Gohan is “stronger than anyone … or so it is said” and that he “has not really had a chance to shine” until recently. Those narrations, along with the adventures seen in the film, cement Gohan as one of the strongest fighters ever. Dragon Ball immediately.

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