Anupamaa recap: Anupamaa confronts Barkha and Ankush once again

In the latest episode, Anupama prepares for Anuj’s birthday and Janmashtami celebrations which are to be held the next day. Meanwhile, Barkha and Ankush try to harass Anupama in some humiliating way that no one expected. Vanraj is in emotional distress due to the accident with Anuj. Read this article to know more. (Also read: Anupama Recap: Barkha and Ankush try to assert their authority over Anupama,

Anupama is interrupted by Barkha and Ankush while taking care of Anuj.

Anupama takes care of Anuj and discusses with little Anu why the Lord comes to earth. Anupama also tells the younger Anu about the importance of the Jahanmashtami celebrations. Indirectly, she tells how bad things are being done by Barkha and Ankush to take advantage of Anuj’s absence.

At the same time Barkha enters the room with Ankush to fix the CCTV camera. Anupama does not protest which leaves Barkha shocked. Anupama then makes fun of both of them for making nurse Shilpa laugh. Barkha reprimands Shilpa and shouts to leave the room.

Anupama supports Shilpa and reprimands Barkha for making a scene in front of Anuj. Barkha feels humiliated and plans to do something big to harm Anupama. Keep reading HT Highlights to find out what Barkha is planning to trouble Anupama’s life further.

Barkha is planning to add a new clause to the company’s documents

Vanraj discusses with Hasmukh the possibility of meeting Anuj for the ceremony. Toshu tries to stop him and explains the reason why Barkha will accuse him of attempting to kill Anuj. Toshu requests the family not to talk to Kapadia until they get a call from Anupama. Vanraj is still distressed and tormented by the hallucinations of little Anu blaming him for his father’s condition. Vanraj breaks down defending himself when the rest of the family come to comfort him. Who knows what Vanraj did but one thing is for sure, until Anuj does not wake up and the truth comes out, Vanraj will have to face the allegations again and again.

Back at the Kapadia house, Anupama along with Anu and GK prepares for the celebration. Meanwhile, Barkha and Ankush talk to the lawyer and plan to meet him to finalize the procedural requirements to take control of the company. The next day, Anupama and Vanraj pray for a peaceful event while Barkha plans to give the shocking news to Anupama.

Read the upcoming written update to know what Barkha does to destroy Anupama’s life. Vanraj gets arrested while Anupama warns Barkha not to cross all limits. Stay tuned to know more.

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