Filmfare Awards withdraw Kangana Ranaut’s nomination after ‘false accusation’ | Bollywood

After Kangana Ranaut said that she would sue a leading magazine for nominating and inviting her to their award show, the magazine rejected her nomination. Kangana was nominated for the Best Actress Award for her film Thalaivi. The association has also termed the actor’s allegations as “false” in a fresh statement. (Also read: ‘Standing up against mediocre work’: Kangana Ranaut unhappy about being nominated for Best Actress alongside Vidya Balan and others,

In a lengthy statement, she said, “As is customary during the awards, the Executive Editor of Filmfare informed Ms. Ranaut about her nomination for Best Actor in a Leading Role, Female category and asked her address for sending the invitations. “

He also shared an excerpt from his message to Kangana, which read, “Namaskar Kangana, Hearty congratulations on your nomination for the Filmfare Awards. Will be glad to have you there, confirm your presence at the award ceremony on 30th August at Jio World Convention Center in BKC, Mumbai. This will help us to plot your seats. P.S. Please send us your residential address so that we can send you invitations. Regards.’ “At no time was there any indication of him being awarded an award or any request for performance at the event,” the statement continued.

“This is a false allegation being leveled by Ms. Ranaut. Our invitation to them was our attempt to bring everyone together in a collective celebration of what has brought this country together, that is, Indian cinema. The Filmfare Awards are a celebration of cinematic excellence and are awarded irrespective of the fact that a nominee attends or performs at the ceremony. In addition, Ms. Ranaut, a 5-time Filmfare Award winner, was given the award twice in absentia (2014 and 2015). Knowing that she will neither attend nor perform.”

He also canceled his nomination. In view of the irresponsible remarks made by Ms. Ranaut about the Filmfare Awards, we are withdrawing her Best Actress nomination for the film Thalaivi. We reserve all rights to pursue any legal action against his malicious and defamatory statements that tarnish his reputation and goodwill.

Earlier in the day, Kangana said, “I have banned immoral, corrupt and totally unfair practices like @filmfare since 2014 but ever since I have been getting many calls to attend their awards ceremony this year Because they want to award me. For Thalaivi… I am shocked to know that they are still nominating me. Encouraging such corrupt practices in any way is against my dignity, work ethic and value system. is down, so I’ve decided to sue @filmfare…

Responding to the magazine’s statement, Kangana wrote, “@filmfare has finally withdrawn my bets actress nomination, thanks to all those who supported me in this fight against the corrupt system but it prevented me from taking legal action against them Doesn’t stop… my effort is to put an end to these unethical practices and stop such malicious award shows… see you in court @filmfare.”


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