Govt approves Meenesh Shah to hold charge as NDDB Chairman for another 6 months

The Center has extended the tenure of National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) executive director Meenesh C Shah for another six months till November 30 to take over the charge of the flagship organisation. The post of Whole Time Chairman of NDDB is vacant since December 2020.

“It is very unfortunate that the government has not been able to find a suitable expert to lead the NDDB during the last 20 months and even the approval for the extension is coming late, which means that the individual has to be informally be asked to continue without any order/notification,” it said. A dairy specialist.

The post of chairman of NDDB fell vacant when Dilip Rath stepped down after being elected to the board of International Dairy Federation (IDF). Initially, this charge was given to Varsha Joshi, Joint Secretary in the Ministry of Fisheries, Animal Husbandry and Dairying, who held the post. Shah has been in office since June 1, 2021 and the notification published on August 20 is the second extension after the first on January 4 this year.

Summit in New Delhi

Incidentally, India will be hosting the world’s largest dairy conference – the IDF World Dairy Summit 2022 – in New Delhi from September 12-15, with the theme “Dairy for Nutrition and Livelihoods”.

As the brainchild of the then Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri, NDDB was established in 1965 with the original objective of replicating the Amul model across the country and with Verghese Kurien, as its chairman, as the head of the institution. was elected in, continued till 1998. Kurien succeeded. Amrita Patel who remained till 2014.

IAS encroachment

However, the UPA government decided to appoint former agriculture secretary T Nanda Kumar as the chairman of NDDB, which many experts see as an encroachment by the IAS of a reputed institution. Kumar’s successor Rath was also an IAS and was earlier joint secretary in charge of dairy in the agriculture ministry.

In the Amul model, farmers are the owners of the dairy, their elected representatives manage the village society and the district association, professionally run and manage the business sensitive to the needs of the farmers.

many capable leaders

The expert quoted earlier, “There are several dairy experts like BM Vyas, RS Sodhi, RS Khanna as the head of NDDB, who have several dairy farmer leaders capable of holding the charge of NDDB.” As envisioned by the present government for 2047, a full-time chairman will make a long-term plan for the dairy sector as it gives him the confidence to implement his ideas, the expert said.

NDDB under temporary charge

notification effective from tenure in charge
04-12-2020 01-12-2020 6 months Varsha Joshi, Joint Secretary
24-06-2021 01-06-2021 6 months Meenesh C Shah, ED, NDDB
04-01-2022 01-12-2021 6 months Meenesh C Shah, ED, NDDB
18-08-2022 01-06-2022 6 months Meenesh C Shah, ED, NDDB

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21 August 2022


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