Malta Film Commissioner Johann Grech Talks Big Plan to Create a World-Class Film Industry

Malta aspires to be a reference point in Europe for the film industry.

on the occasion of Jurassic World Dominion Expanded Edition Released, ComingSoon Senior Editor Tudor Leonte sat down with Malta Film Commissioner Johann Grecht to discuss Malta’s growing dominance in the film industry.


Tudor Leonte: Malta plays such an important role in Jurassic World Dominion, and the film appears to play an important role in tourism in Malta as there are many raptor statues throughout the island. Were you expecting such a popular response?

Johann Grecho: This is a very positive response not only from the local people but also from the tourists visiting our islands, so we are starting a program for screen tourism. We are investing heavily in the film industry, in film infrastructure, because it is one of the economic elements in our economy. The film industry in Malta has been a success story over the years. Today we are seeing industry, which is growing, growing every day, creating more jobs every day. So movies are not just about jobs but also impact on the brand image of our country Malta. That’s why we are so proud. We are very proud that Malta is involved in Jurassic World Dominion, This is an opportunity for us to make an impact not only for the film industry, but as a country, all over the world. Many people are more aware of Malta today. The film industry is playing a part in the tourism aspect of Malta.

How is Malta currently attracting Hollywood productions?

Greco: We have a very strong outreach program. We have attracted a large number of large projects to our islands. We have hosted directors, producers, actors and filmmakers. For example, in 1999, we had Ridley Scott for the second time. was here the first time, he shot white Squall At our water tanks at Malta Film Studios, which we are known globally for our water tanks. Then, in 1999, he shot the Gladiator, They put us on the global map as Colin [Trevorrow] Did it again today. He strengthened our position on the global map. We had more projects like Stephen Spielberg, filming Munich In 2005, where Malta doubled to six different countries. Ridley came out with his film a few months ago, Napoleon, where we doubled down to Paris. Also, we had Russell Crowe coming here to shoot professional puncher, a British film. Our market is diverse. This is primarily the US market, but there is also the UK, European and Canada. Then, we have other projects from other countries. We want to build a world class film industry. That is our ambition. We have a clear plan and vision and I think we will achieve it.

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