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The Ghana Civil Aviation Authority has banned a Delta Air Lines aircraft with N195DN registration from flying to Ghana.

According to the authority, this decision follows the company’s failure to investigate and resolve technical issues with respect to the aircraft in question, which left several passengers bound for Accra, including Ghanaians, at JFK Airport on July 24, 2022.

The airline’s crew issued an alert about a fuel imbalance with the plane’s left main tank.

The Civil Aviation Authority, however, said the aircraft was diverted within the United States despite the alert being issued.

“With immediate effect, Delta Air Lines is being advised not to send B767-332 with registration number N195DN for flights to Accra,” the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority ordered in a statement.

Recently, seven passengers, including an American and National Democratic congressional communications officer Sammy Giamphi, petitioned the US Department of Transportation’s Office of Aviation Consumer Protection over the operations of Delta Air Lines Incorporated.

He complained that his flight from the US on July 24 was unnecessarily delayed.

The flight was then rescheduled, canceled and rescheduled without the passengers sleeping arrangements.

The complainants argue that the inconvenience was “on the weak grounds that one of its pilots did not report for work.”

In a statement seen by City News, the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority called on the aircraft’s officials to deal with the technical challenge.

Below is the full statement:

Temporary rejection of Delta aircraft with registration N-195DN

Following the events of 13 August 2022, when your aircraft with registration N195DN was forced to return to the gate due to a technical problem. A team of Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) inspectors was tasked with conducting the investigation or the circumstances surrounding the incident.
Investigation revealed that:
1. The crew reported a fuel imbalance problem with the left main tank.
2. The inbound crew experienced the same issue on the flight leg to Accra. on 31 July 2022.
3 This was the same aircraft that was to return to JKF on 25 July 2022, hours after take-off from JFK and was widely reported in various media outlets.
It was expected after such a negative report came. Delta Air Lines will conduct a thorough investigation of the issue to arrive at the root cause of the failure before deboarding the aircraft. Rather, the aircraft was flown several times within the United States and then deported again to Accra to resolve the problem.

The authority considers this unacceptable. Therefore, with immediate effect, Delta Air Lines is advised not to send B767-332 with the registration number N195DN for flights to Accra. Since your old 0767 fleet is of great concern to Ghanaian passengers, Delta Air Lines should plan to switch aircraft types on the JFK-ACC-JFK route as soon as possible. Please intimate the date in your reply to the undersigned.

Civil Aviation Authority bans Delta Air Lines’ plane from flying to Ghana

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