Community Movie is ‘A Matter of When and Not If’

while talking to wrap, community Producer Dan Harmon gives fans of the series a positive update on the long-awaited prospects community Movies.

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When asked about the status of community The film, Harmon said, already has a story outline.

“There’s a story — who knows if we’ll stick to it, but it was something we had to compile to get it out and court in different places,” Harmon said. “And now there’s a conversation.”

Harmon also said that it is “definitely certain” that the film will happen and that it is more than likely a matter of time.

“When you put together the percentage probabilities, it looks like you probably have to account for the world flying or having some other virus,” Harmon cautioned. “But as far as the industry is concerned, it is certainly a matter of when and what not.”

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community It concluded its acclaimed six-season run in 2015 after jumping over multiple networks. The series has since gained more popularity through streaming services such as Netflix, prompting many fans to renew the “Six Seasons and a Movie” campaign that was born out of the show itself. Several actors have shown interest in returning to their roles for a film, which means that it is likely that most of the cast may actually return for one last storm.

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