ED Cases: Manish Sisodia claims BJP offered to close CBI, ED cases against him if he splits AAP and joins them

Delhi Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia made a sensational claim on Twitter that BJP asked him to split the party and in return offered to close all cases registered by CBI and ED.

“Received a message from BJP – Divide you and join BJP and in return we will close all CBI, ED cases. My reply to BJP was that I am a descendant of Maharana Pratap and Rajput. I am not in front of corrupt. Will bow down and conspirators. All cases registered against me are false. Do whatever you want to do,” the tweet in Hindi read.

Sisodia is facing investigation from the CBI in the Delhi liquor scam case. He alleged that the CBI had issued a look out circular against him. However, the CBI clarified that LOC has been issued against 8 people in the case and there is no clarity on Sisodia’s name.

The CBI has named Sisodia as accused number one in its FIR, which charges the accused under sections 120-B (criminal conspiracy) and 477-A (forgery of accounts) of the IPC.

Sisodia is accused of allegedly giving a rebate of Rs 30 crore to the liquor dealers and giving extension to the license holders as per their wish, while the policy was made in violation of the excise rules.


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