Labour ministry meets stakeholders to build consensus on labour codes

For a possible roll-out of the long-pending labor codes later this year, the Union labor ministry is holding a meeting with stakeholders, including industry representatives, to work out a possible roadmap.

According to sources, the Labor Ministry has been engaged in consultations with various stakeholders throughout the month of August.

The industry is understood to have agreed to the proposal to cap the allowances at 50 per cent of the total salary. However, they have asked for a switchover period of at least two months from the time the code is notified to enable them to transition successfully. He is understood to have demanded an amnesty scheme under various labor laws.

Discussions took place before the conference with state labor ministers.

“The Labor Ministry is trying to build consensus on the issues and take them forward at the National Labor Conference to be held later this month,” a source said.

The government has codified 29 national labor laws into four codes, which include Code on Wage, Code on Social Security, Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions Code and Industrial Relations Code.

Published on

22 August 2022


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