Six Cinema-Set Horror Movies to Stream This Week

Movie theaters bring entertainment and escapism. The smell of popcorn blowing in the air, previews of upcoming attractions, and communal reactions to watching a movie on the big screen often bring about a viewing experience that cannot be replicated anywhere else. It is also a safe way to experience panic, as panic is harmlessly confined to celluloid.

But if it isn’t, then what?

This week’s streaming is centered around horror movies that are screened or set in the cinema. For the characters in these six titles, their shelter becomes anything but when theaters turn into murder grounds for killers and creatures alike.

Here you can stream them this week.

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evil messiah – Fandor, Paramount+, Pluto TV, Prime Video, Screambox, Shudder

Arletti arrives in a coastal California town to visit her father after receiving a series of worrying letters. He discovers that he has disappeared, leaving behind a diary that points to insanity or something more sinister. Teaming up with an aristocrat and two of his friends to find their father, the group learn that the city may have been overrun by an undead cult. co-directed by Gloria Katz and Willard Huck, evil messiah Offers an eerie atmosphere and memorably spooky set-pieces, the most haunting of which takes place in a movie theater. If you are a fan of movies like this then definitely watch this night of the Living Dead And carnival of souls,

the final girls – Roku

Max Cartwright gets another chance to close after his mother’s untimely death when he and his friends get caught up in a retro slasher movie Camp Raktabeej After a horrific accident during a screening of the film’s repertoire. He and his friends realize that they have to play with the events of the film as they are caught in a 92-minute runtime that is constantly on loop. This gives Max a chance to close as the group tries to move on. Camp RaktabeejMasked killer. This slasher-comedy time loop movie lovingly mocks the tropes and stock characters of the subgenre, while giving you an experience with an exploration of grief.

the tingler – Pluto TV, Roku. Tubi

William Castle’s film may have earned a reputation for featuring one of his best gimmicks, in which he installed electric buzzers in some theater seats, but it’s strong enough to stand on its own. Vincent Price stars as a pathologist who discovers a parasitic creature that attaches to its host’s spine and dispels their fears. Movie theater owner Oliver Higgins’ wife falls victim to this parasite, Tingler, who fuels much of the plot. The climax, of course, leaves Tingler loose in Higgins’ theatre.

corn slag – AMC+, Shudder

Horror stalwart Jill Scholen stars as Maggie Butler, a film student with ambitions to turn her recurring nightmares into her first feature. Classmate Toby D’Amato (Tom Willard) arrives at an old theater to host an all-night horror marathon, complete with a William Castle-style gimmick as a fundraiser. What should have been a successful fundraiser instead turns into a night of terror when a deranged killer in disguise begins to pick up film classes one by one. It brings the slasher fun of the ’90s, along with inventive murders, to a crowded theater full of horror fans.

devil – amc+ mubi shudder

The definitive theatre-set horror film. A large group of people invited to attend a screening of a mysterious horror film quickly find themselves living in one when the inside is locked with violent monsters. A rocking soundtrack, ’80s energy, and a lot of gruesome demon fun under the direction of Lamberto Bava makes for a hell of a good time in the movies. They will make cemeteries their churches, and cities will be your graves.

the blob – tubik

Chuck Russell’s remake of the 1958 sci-fi horror film has increased the practical implications to eleven and there’s no shortage of memorable, esoteric horror moments. It also offers one of the best counterfeits. When the eponymous creature crashes to Earth, The Blob establishes the belief that no one is safe after horribly eating a hero character like Steve McQueen. Enter Meg Penny, an angry cheerleader ready to save the day. In keeping with tradition, the remake also recreates the iconic theater scene, but makes it more deadly and bloody.

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