Sreejita De: Social media has made everyone the nosy neighbour you hate

Actress Sreejita Dey finds it strange when people speculate about her personal life, believing that she is leaving the entertainment industry for life in Germany with her fiancée Michael Blohm-Pep. And she blames social media for adding to the noise.

“As an actor, I put my life out there, because it is easy to refute speculations, but to say that I am not accountable for any of them. When I made our relationship official, I read comments like I’m going to quit acting and go to Germany,” Day says, “How does one guess, one assume? In this bargain, people are talking about things I’m not doing, rather than things I’ve done or can do.”

The actress, who officially got engaged on December 21 last year, took an example of Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor’s relationship after a report claimed that Kapoor had taken an “old-fashioned way of thinking”. Applauded him for taking the stand. Will go to London to pick him up.

“How empowering was Alia to take a stand for herself. In the past too, only a few actors have condemned misreporting. I think the culprit here is social media. With its many advantages, along with making actors easily accessible to their fans, it somehow creates a sense of authority that audiences feel they have now and can use their freedom of expression very freely. can do from. The media feeds on it and that is why you see pregnancy news in the national interest,” says Day, who was proposed by Blohm-Pape in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.

Criticizing social media for blurring boundaries, Day insisted, “everyone’s interest is in other people’s business, especially actors”.

“It’s worrisome when teens, young adults spend ridiculous amounts of time trolling, passing judgment, and putting ideas into the media’s mind, instead of focusing on their careers… what else do you want to know? Surprised by taking it out.


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