After going public via SPAC deal, Spotify rival Deezer repositions brand ‘to attract Gen Z’

Last month, France-born Spotify rival Deezer became a publicly listed company, seven years after the plug was pulled on its previous attempt at an IPO.

The music streaming service made its official stock market debut on Euronext Paris in July after combining its business with I2PO, a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) based in France.

Now, the company says it is repositioning its brand to attract younger users to the streaming service.

The plans include a new marketing campaign, which will launch this week in three of the company’s key markets: France, Germany and Brazil.

Major French agency Buzzman was chosen as the main partner for the campaign, and, in what Deezer calls its “extensive brand development”.

The move to attract younger users to the platform in these markets follows recent news that Deezer is expanding its operations in Germany with the aim of replicating a successful strategy in Brazil, where it launched in 2013. .

Deezer faces stiff competition from the likes of rival Spotify, although it had 188 million premium subscribers as of Q2 2022. At the end of Q2, Latin America Responsible This accounts for 22% (95m) of Spotify’s monthly active user base of 433 million MAU, and 21% of its total premium subscriber base (39.48m).

According to Deezer’s merger prospectus, the music streaming service had a total of 9.6 million subscribers in 2021, including 5.6 million B2C (direct) subscribers and 3.9 million B2B subscribers.

merger brochure It also noted, under the section ‘Risks related to Deezer’s activity’, that “to achieve its growth objectives and achieve profitability, Deezer must significantly increase its paying customer base”. .

The company continued: “Deezer plans to significantly increase its marketing investments in the coming years and continues to invest in offering free trials and discounted promotional offerings.

“If these efforts are not successful in sufficiently growing Deezer’s revenue-generating customer base, Deezer’s revenue will not grow as anticipated, and it may not achieve profitable operations.”

Deezer’s new campaign will feature eight “M2 billboards” as well as imagery in a variety of outdoor formats, including digital activation, social media and TV in France, Germany and Brazil.

Additionally, Deezer is preparing a TikTok challenge where, according to a media statement, “people will elevate or change the situation with the power of music”.

After scanning a QR code on the image, a song will be played from icons like Edith Piaf, global superstars like Dua Lipa and artists like Hues L’Enfoire, July, Die Prinzen and Vitor Kelly.

“Working with Buzzman, we have created a disruptive and engaging campaign where the music brings the images to life.”

Elsa Batigne, DeJer

Elsa Batigne, VP Brand Marketing, Deezer, said: “A song has the power to change how you view the world around you. As the house of music, the mood in any situation in our users’ lives Deezer is the best companion to set.

“Working with Buzzman, we have created a disruptive and engaging campaign where music brings images to life.

“We can’t wait for our users to interact and play with the concept, and harness the power of music to create our own content.”

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After going public via SPAC deal, Spotify rival Deezer repositions brand ‘to attract Gen Z’

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