Exclusive The Runner Clip Previews the Intense Action Drama Film

Excited to debut an exclusive clip from Comingsoon RunnersUpcoming action drama film directed by Michelle Danner.

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,Runners It revolves around a high school student with a thriving drug business that goes to his head when he is forced to go undercover by the police and trap a major dealer and his syndicate. is forced to,” reads the gist of the film. “From the outside, Aiden seems to have it all: cash, a new ride, a beautiful girlfriend, and a future full of opportunities. But his swagger hides a dark one. In a final act of desperation, his mother hands him over to the police. Done. Detective Wall presents Aidan with a proposal: Set up a volatile dealer Local Legend or be tried and jailed as an adult.”

watch exclusive clip from Runners below:

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Runners Directed by Michelle Danner and written by Jason Chase Tyrell. It starred Edouard Philopnot, Cameron Douglas and Eric Balfour.

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