Namashi Chakraborty: My brother Mahaakshay didn’t get the attention he deserves, it’s hard when you don’t let your father call filmmakers for work | Hindi Movie News

Mithun Chakraborty is one of the most popular superstars of the past who struggled to make a name for himself in the acting industry. While he has come a long way from struggling to eat food to rocking the box office with back-to-back blockbusters, now his son Namashi Chakraborty is all set to change the reputation of star kids who often play brothers. – Accused of misuse of nepotism. Excerpts from the exclusive conversation:

Has Mithun da given you any advice before your first film?

The first thing he said to me was, ‘Don’t expect me to give you everything on a plate. Whatever you earn in your life should be on the basis of your merit.’ This is one of the reasons why my brother (Mahaakshay Chakraborty), despite having so much talent and ability, didn’t really get the kind of attention he deserves. That’s because he went out and worked on his own. It’s hard when you don’t let your father call the producers and directors and stand up to audition with everyone, you become part of the aspiring actor group. To me, he said, ‘You explore it yourself, I’m always there. Whatever you can do do it yourself because the satisfaction of landing on your own is another thing.’

Mithun Da has also been vocal about his struggling days.

Right now he has ‘Hunarbaaz’, ‘Bestseller’, ‘The Kashmir Files’. If I ask my dad, who is currently ruling all the platforms, how do you think it will be difficult for me to play the role? But we grew up in a household where things like going to others for work are not available. I am looking for a job even after my first film, this is the condition of the house. We don’t spoil each other in terms of privilege. Right now if you ask me, I am still waiting for ‘Bad Boy’ to release and I still don’t know when will my second project start shooting. While I don’t know when my work will start, I don’t feel the need to tell my dad,’
please talk to me, I enjoy knowing what’s next. He keeps reminding us, ‘Go get yourself and if you need me, I am here.’ I never think of life as a struggle or checking which newcomer is doing what. If I pay attention to that, I will be insecure about a lot of things.

As you mentioned that Mithun da is making headlines with his work, what was your reaction to your father’s projects?
I am the only child among four children of my parents who have seen every film of my father. From ‘Mrigaya’ to ‘The Kashmir Files’, I haven’t missed a single film. I love movies and am a big fan of my father. I love watching him on screen and he has been my biggest inspiration on and off screen. While ‘Hunarbaaz’ is a reality show, ‘Bestseller’ and ‘The Kashmir Files’ are so diverse that as an audience and an actor, it is delightful to see what he brings to the characters.

Though we can’t call it Mithun Da’s comeback, it has been a long time since he worked in a film or series before ‘Bestseller’ and ‘The Kashmir Files’. What kept him away?
The thing is, he only works when he’s really excited for it. He did ‘The Kashmir Files’, ’12 Baje’ but these films could not be released due to the pandemic. He never promotes his films. He is always low key which makes people believe he is making a comeback. With all his recent work, he is everywhere.

Mithun Da’s favorite food is Beuli Dal and Aloo Posto. what is yours
Exactly (the same), but the only catch is,
I haven’t seen the appearance of rice and roti since a year, I had biryani last and since then I haven’t even touched carbs. I miss it now. (laughs)

If you have to choose your favorite cheat food…
Mango pickle will be accompanied by Beuli Dal, Aloo Posto, Bhaat and Kosha Mangsho, it’s just heaven!

Coming back to work, can you share something about your second film?
This movie is around 2020. It is a film by director Rajesh Bajaj with Nikki Tamboli. Unfortunately, the project got pushed indefinitely. But, recently he told me that we should start shooting by the middle of this year. It is a family comedy film.

How do you plan to choose future projects? Do you discuss work with your father or brother?
If I find an interesting offer, I discuss it. To be honest, I don’t think I’m really in a position to pick up a project at the moment. I don’t have the privilege, I’m a newcomer. I’m looking forward to people watching ‘Bad Boy’ and liking me. After that, I can be in one place to decide what’s next. The pandemic has kept me at home for 2 years,
Right now I just have to work.


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