Abstract Playing Cards by Ruben Albrecht Game Download

Dutch graphic designer Ruben Albrecht designed a deck of playing cards that went viral on the design platform, dribble. With so much positive feedback, Reuben and his friend Dinand van der Graaf, a UX designer, have decided to launch a Kickstarter project and make Abstract Playing Cards a reality.

The overall design of the cards is to be as minimalistic as possible. The traditional black color for black suits had been redesigned into a more fitting beautiful blue. The red suits retain their original color. The court cards are redesigned to an abstract geometrical version of themselves – they are made with only four primary shapes: rectangles, squares, circles, and triangles.

The back design is a mesmerizing abstract artwork consisting of those primary shapes and it is symmetrical so the deck is a standard two-way deck.

The tuck box design is based on the card back design- it is a full bleed artwork of geometric abstract artwork covering all areas of the box. The decks will be produced by Noirs Playing Cards Company. Pledge starts with $14 for a single deck on Kickstarter.

Abstract Playing Cards by Ruben Albrecht

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