Homeworld Fleet Command Announced – Skewed ‘n Reviewed

Looks like fans of the game will love it.

today Modifius EntertainmentA World Class Tabletop Publisher and Manufacturer, Is Concluding homeworld fleet command, a new tabletop miniature boardgame set in Gearbox Entertainment’s Homeworld Universe. The game puts the Admiral in charge of the Kushan or Taidan fleet who fight it out in epic 1-4 player galactic battles where it’s victory or death.

Developed in secret by Nick Fallon (Airfix Battle, Kung Fu Panda, And Astonishing! Cthulhu clash) and Modific CCO Chris Birch, the game has been cleared to leave the scaffolding! inspired by the mechanics of Airfix Battle Introductory Wargame, Homeworld Fleet Command Simple fast gameplay promises great battles between squadrons of fighters, corvettes, frigates, destroyers and fleet-busting capital ships.

Modifius Entertainment plans to launch homeworld fleet command Through a crowdfunding project in the second half of 2022. Backers can expect to get the base game and expansion that offers new ship models, campaign games, ship upgrades, new game mechanics, and more.

,homeworld It was one of those incredibly memorable moments in video gaming, with huge mind-blowing starship battles and an epic story,” said Chris Birch, CCO and founder of Modified Entertainment. “I’ve always wanted to bring that experience to the tabletop. But do it in a way that led to sharp and sometimes vicious fights that had a visceral feel but didn’t take days to resolve.”

Sean Haran, chief business officer at Gearbox Entertainment, said, “The opening pitch of Modify was simple and compelling — massive fleet battles that could be played in an hour, all around Homeworld.” “The love and enthusiasm of the franchise and the entire team for the game was infectious so it was easy working with Modifius on this one. We are proud and excited to announce Homeworld Fleet Command to the world and look forward to revealing more in the coming months. ,

features of homeworld fleet command,

  • A 10-part campaign that will take players from first combat skirmishes to epic battles such as Return to Khadak, Supernova Station and Tenhauser’s Gate.
  • Step-by-step scenarios that make it easy to jump straight into the Admiral’s shoes and slowly learn the core game mechanics as your fleet grows in size.
  • 101 plastic ships in the base game including the iconic mothership, 48 fighters, 24 corvettes, 24 frigates, 2 carriers, and 2 destroyers and 1 mothership. The expansion adds another 100 ships to grow your fleet.
  • Singles rules that let one person play against a designated opponent as either up to four players or may share commands.
  • Multiple copies of the game can also be combined to create epic fleet battles!

Looking for more information about fan homeworld fleet command can sign up on www.homeworldfleetcommand.com To receive news and updates about the game and its development.

More information about Modifius Entertainment can be found by following their Facebook, Twitter, youtubeAnd official website: https://www.modipius.net,

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