Kevin Wall promoted to chief commercial officer at APOC

APOC has promoted Kevin Wall to Chief Commercial Officer. He was previously the Senior Vice President of Business Development across America.

APOC said Wall’s new launch will focus on “shaping future growth, consolidating market share, and nurturing a team of people driven by success.”

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“Advancing the unique company culture at APOC and building on the new approach that has rapidly expanded the business in just seven years is both a challenge and an exciting opportunity,” Wall said.

Wall will run APOC’s global commercial operations from its new Miami office that opened earlier this year. “We continue to believe as a truly global player that further expansion into other markets is a logical development,” Wall explained. “Over the next 12 months we will explore the next direction for APOC’s global footprint.

“The serviceable materials used (USM) sector is becoming increasingly important for maintaining the supply chain and reducing in-flight service as capacity builds up. APOC’s expertise in providing USM solutions is market-leading.”

In terms of business growth over the next 18 months, Wall said APOC will focus on its program of narrowband aircraft breakup and the “rapid expansion” leasing and business of both engines and landing gear. “I hope that with APOC’s innovative business model and secure financial position we will be able to take advantage of investment opportunities not only in engine, landing gear and airframe assets, but also to wisely tailor our support programs as airlines grow. Will also be able to shape and explore new ways of operations,” he said.

Looking ahead, Wall predicted further changes in the aviation sector: “Mergers and acquisitions are on the rise. Not only the airlines themselves but the aftermarket MRO sector is attracting a lot of investor attention,” he said. “The industry continues to consolidate and grow. is happening and APOC will shape our services accordingly. Teamwork and technology is what sets us apart at APOC and our ambition is to provide high quality innovative USM solutions where our clients need it and within their budget. We demand As airlines increasingly move towards USM to effectively increase the maintenance budget while maintaining operational availability.”

Kevin Wall promoted to chief commercial officer at APOC

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