Third mixed-use project proposed for Gateway Triangle in East Naples –

A third mixed-use project may be a possibility for the Bayshore Gateway Triangle near the intersection of Davis Boulevard and US 1 East.where metropolitan numberApples and The Ellington have already been approved for that busy The corner just outside Naples city limits.

a 2.18 acres, four parcel collection immediately east of Metropolitan Naples Project being done Flowerted For sale by Carl Ferber for $25 millionwith a luxury property specialist William Ravis real estate, and 5. The Michael Coradith avenue sleepUtho Realty. The property has a maximum building height of 112 feet for the mixed-use project, Faber said.

TeaHe to be nextEd the parcel Would be ideal with potential hotel and condominium access ground floor retail Opportunity similar to what has been planned for the nearby metroOpolitan Naples and The EllingtonFerber said, “It took me five months to get these properties together,” he said.

even though were combined parcels sold out today It will take years to get the plans approved for the redevelopment project there.Faber said. ,whoever buys it wants a significant amount of due diligence, He Told. ,This is a long process. We are still in its infancy.,

To be considered for a hotel/condo project, a mixed use project would require two sub-districts He may involve restaurant and general retail use, Faber said. to build beyond 112-foot limit, buyer may ask for development management revision To seq more bonus density units and extra floors. This avenue was taken over by adjacent landlords, Who? was approved for 15 stories with 270 condominiums and grassroots retailing In unincorporated Collier County,

,I don’t know of any other place just minutes from the famous Fifth Avenue South of Naples and the beaches that would accommodate such a Incredible growth opportunity,” Ferber said.

Four-Parcel Assemblage Begins at the Intersection of Davis Boulevard and Commercial Drive in eastern Napes and extends to the west Metropolitan Naples Construction. The site will allow for at least two access digit from multiple Instructions.

Three businesses operate on properties, tthat parcel of which Triangles are part of the Lake lot and two are part of the Naples Commercial Center lot. Faber said none of the businesses out there have a lease for more than two years. “We’re not kicking anyone out, He Told, ,IR leases Will continue as agreed.,

Budget car and truck rental operates at 2100 Davis address that Previously there was cheap auto rental and sales, thOSe two small the parcel on the corner of commercial drive gross about a third Acrethere are more Owned by the Peter Morkunas Family Trust of East NaplesWho bought parcels in June 2016 for $33,600, CAunts show property records,

Sandy Hook Yachts 2072 Davis Blvd. which is a marina business Previously there was an auto center and an auto glass business. Property is also Owned by Peter Morkunas Family Trustwho bought a 0.64-acre lot in January 1986 for $100,000,

no business running Now at 2068 Davis Blvd., the former address of Floors, boat ride, lanDescaping Supplies and convenience stores/gas stations Businesses over the past few years. property is owned Naples-based CC And E Investments LLC, which bought a 0.87-acre parCin L$2.7 million 2005.

Collier County considers this area Catalyst to fuel further development in the Bayshore Gateway community redevelopment area. Proposed redevelopment projects at the intersection of US 41 East and Davis Boulevard include: The Ellington, a mixed-use hotel and luxury condominium development at the tip of the mini-triangle, And Metropolitan Naples, where the luxury condominium with retail comPotents are already under construction.

Third mixed-use project proposed for Gateway Triangle in East Naples

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