What insurance companies need to do to solve the gender parity problem

“You need to be nimble. You have to accept the no and figure out how to pivot to find the yes,” she said. insurance business.

Hunter is a moderator for a panel on this year’s Strategic Problem-Solving Women in Insurance Summit in New York, Together with a panel of fellow female leaders, Hunter will help make sense of what it means to be an influential problem-solver in the workplace.

Solving problems means continually moving through thought processes – re-framing problems and communicating and re-communicating them to arrive at a solution. But Hunter acknowledges that it is a skill that requires a willingness to bow down.

Hunter acknowledged, “At times, it’s not so much about what outcome you want or how you want to travel the outcome because it rarely goes the way you want it to.”

a. Prior to founding Hunter & Company, he assisted start-ups and corporations with alternative risk transfer plans and reinsurance placements globally as managing director of HM Risk Group, an international insurance brokerage and risk management firm.

“I spent most of my time talking to carriers, trying to negotiate terms and capacity. Most women reading this would probably know it’s an ongoing battle. I’m constantly problem-solving, trying to figure out what’s going on.” Trying what is the best approach and who to contact,” Hunter said.

“I think women try to think that we can do it ourselves. But the older I get, the more I realize that it is okay to ask for help because it will make solving the problem a lot easier.”

Ironically, Hunter’s advice to other women facing problem-solving challenges is not to listen to the advice.

“A lot of guys have tons of advice about how they did it, or how it works for them and what’s best for them. I always tell women they can take advice. But they should One must always trust my instincts because ultimately, my instincts have led me to where I am today,” she explained.

But building a community is also important. Hunter said expanding her network beyond the insurance industry will prove invaluable, especially for women looking to advance in their careers. Friends from complementary fields such as media technology have greatly promoted Hunter.

“I think we’re in a hurry to be insular in the insurance industry. It’s easy to think: ‘We’re in insurance, and we just want to network with women or men in that industry.’ But you have no idea how complementary professions can help people navigate and take their careers to the next level,” Hunter said.

There is no shortage of problems to solve in the insurance industry. One of the most important issues is achieving gender equality at the top. Despite gains over the years, women are still under-represented in the C-suite of insurance companies.

According to a 2021 McKinsey Women in the Workplace report, women are facing a broken rung at the first step on the corporate ladder. For every 100 men promoted as managers, only 86 women are promoted. As a result, fewer women go on to become senior managers, directors and vice presidents. Women of color also lose ground every step of the ladder. For Hunter, solving this problem means providing additional support for women through the leadership pipeline.

“You need to bring in women who have proven to be capable and ready for board positions. And quite honestly, you need to bring people who look like you into the room,” said Hunter, the women who make it. They also play a role in creating opportunities for others.

“If a woman isn’t in a position to bring other women up, we’ll have boardrooms like they do now. Eventually, the brain trusts are all going to retire, and they’re going to leave the industry, and then our There will be no one near,” she warned.

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