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spelling puzzle app event, WordleThe New York Times Crossword Application, The Times. making his debut announced today. after tons of doppelgangers and wannabes Among the infamous apps, the NYT Crossword app is now showing up at the top of iOS and Android App Store searches.

Users won’t have to worry about losing their scores and streaks as NYT will allow consumers to create an account to track their gameplay. Although the app itself is free to download, this so-called “free account” is only available for a seven-day trial, where users are prompted to pay either $4.99 per month or $39.99 for the year . Membership will also include access to puzzles such as the Spelling Bee, the Mini and the Crossword.

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The move to further integrate Wordle comes after the NYT acquired the rights to the game earlier this year for an undisclosed cost. According to first quarter financial results, the publication said that the games posted the company’s best quarter to date in regards to net subscribers for the games. Since its acquisition, the publication has advertised its other games through Wordle.

Although the game was created to be a pass time for creator Josh Wardle and his partner, its popularity has become a daily habit for some. Back in July, The Times announced To help WordleBot users to strengthen their skills. The tool gives word enthusiasts a score of 0-99 based on skill and luck, but also gives advice on how they can improve their search.

As the NYT tries to capitalize on the game’s popularity, they announced that the online word game will be turned into a board game. The company has partnered with toymaker Hasbro to release Wordle: The Party Game in October.

TechCrunch previously reported that two million players Wordle was playing over . was mentioned in 32 million tweets Since its launch. According to The Times, “10% of active players have played 145 or more games of Wordle.”

Wordle is now integrated in The New York Times Crossword app

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