Centre asks edible oil makers not to mention packing temperature details on labels

The Center has directed the manufacturers, packers and importers of edible oils to declare the net quantity in terms of volume and weight on the label without mentioning the temperature at the time of packing. They have been asked to fix the labeling by January 15, 2023.

The Ministry of Consumer Affairs informed that since edible oils have different weights at different temperatures, players are advised to pack edible oils without mentioning the temperature. It said that this is being done to ensure that the consumers get the right quantity at the time of purchase.

The Center has advised edible oil manufacturers/packers/importers to declare net quantity on edible oil etc. without temperature, apart from declaring it in weight.

For example, if the volume is kept constant at one liter, the weight of soybean oil will vary at different temperatures. If one liter of soybean oil is packed at 21°C, it will weigh 919.1 grams and if packed at 60°C, it will weigh 896.2 grams.

The Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 2011 mandates all pre-packaged commodities to declare net quantity in terms of standard units of weight or measure, in addition to other declarations, in the interest of consumers.

The net quantity of edible oil or vegetable ghee must be declared either by weight or quantity as per the provisions made under the rules and if declared in quantity, the equivalent weight of the commodity must be declared compulsorily.

The ministry said that it has been observed that the manufacturers are mentioning the temperature while declaring the net quantity in the quantity.

“Manufacturers/packers/importers are declaring the net quantity of edible oil etc. in quantity by mentioning the temperature at the time of packing along with the units of quantity. Some manufacturers were raising the temperature to 600C, the statement said.

“It has been observed that declaring the net quantity of edible oil, vegetable ghee etc. in terms of volume, keeping the volume constant (eg 1 liter) at different temperatures with mass, which varies, when packaging refers to higher temperatures,” it added.

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25 August 2022


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