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Wes (Ryan Kwanten) hasn’t had the best of days as he is still processing things from the bad breakup. He finds himself at a resting place and like anyone on a long journey, he decides to use the facilities. Trouble is, once Wes regains consciousness from an unknown force, he finds himself trapped in the bathroom with no way to escape. That and there is an ominous voice telling him that she may be his only hope.

So, Wes has to talk through his problems with a voice known as Ghat (JK Simmons) and find a way out of your lonely bathroom stall. However, the pier may have a solution that Wes may not be able to handle.

Glorious is a horror film directed by Rebekah McCandry and written by Joshua Hull, David Ian McKendry And todd rigne – It’s also special shiver, Those horror lovers may also be quite familiar with this kind of setting as it will surely provoke a saw Vote for some. Though its Lovecraftian twist is quite different, if a bit unconvincing.

This is because Glorious is clearly a film that was made during the lockdown and with a limited cast and budget, director McKendry had to make do with what he had. Unfortunately, that means sacrifices had to be made and it’s easy to imagine Simmons recording his lines at home, only to send him knowing very little about his character.

Simmons’ performance is still as good as the script allows and there are still enough funny moments to bond and enhance the chemistry between the main characters. However, this may not be enough to completely suspend the disbelief of the audience.

However, Glorious is very reminiscent of things that have come before and the audience will definitely see it as a film made while killing time till the next project. There is one big reveal that gives a slight twist to the story, but on closer look it comes across as two dimensional.

Something more original seldom works for shock value rather than taking the rug out from under the audience’s feet, and in this case it feels like it was done to wrap things up early.

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