Lorelei Marcell – ANTISOCIAL | Pop On And On

From the heels of her dynamic new EP, indie-pop artist Lorelei Marcel continues the momentum of her monthly music release with “Antisocial.” A commentary on our excessive reliance on social media, Lorelei dives deep with an existential critique of its impact on our collective psyche. With lyrics like “All my friends are different since we met”. I forgot they only knew me through the Internet”, we are faced with the bitter reality of how dramatically social interaction has evolved… and not always for the better.

“Now I wake up everyday, put on makeup, wait I’m talking to the camera. Every day is an existential crisis, is that what I am now?”

Drenched in mesmerizing pop tunes paired with hypnotic harmonies and electronic elements, it’s a sleek soundscape fit for next season excitement, Listen to “Antisocial” below via SoundCloud, what do you think of the tune?

The LA-based pop artist has not only independently assembled over a million cumulative streams, featuring acclaimed singer/songwriters such as Jaehart, Valerie Broussard (Kaigo, Galantis), Stephen Litt (One Direction) and Shannon MacArthur (Dashboard). Confessional).




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