Mahhi Vij says when her Goa flight’s engine caught fire she was with daughter

Mahi Vij has revealed that there was a technical snag on his Goa flight and the engine caught fire. He shared a picture with his daughter Tara and spoke about his experience in an Instagram post. ,Also read: Jai Bhanushali Shares Video Of Daughter Tara Chasing Balloons At Birthday Bash,

Mahi wrote, “Life is unpredictable. A few seconds before take off.. there was smoke near the engine… for the first time I just stared at my daughter and I was stunned. My mother held Tara’s hand and all She kept praying. Special thanks to Pilot and Indigo for keeping us safe. Blessings work… Tara is blessed thank you each one.”

A glimpse of Mahi’s post.

He also shared a picture of his mother and Tara. In the picture, both of them were sitting on the window seat in the flight and were looking outside.

Screenshot of Mahi’s Instagram Stories.

Talking about her daughter Tara and how Yuva displayed an independent streak from the beginning, Mahi said in a video earlier this year that Tara started eating herself after seeing her parents eating alone. Had given. He said that he never trained Tara for the washroom, that whenever she has to go, she just goes to the washroom.

“You could say he potty-trained himself. Now the choice not to wear a diaper was also his. And I’m not complaining.” She said that she wants Tara to learn herself and become street-smart. “I don’t want to give her everything gift-wrapped and hand-delivered. It’s obvious for every parent to feel that their child deserves the moon. There’s nothing wrong with that as long as the child values ​​it and tries to achieve. It.”

Jai Bhanushali and Mahi got married in 2011. He has earlier said in an interview about Tara that he tried to conceive for years. It was only after this that he welcomed Tara through IVF in 2019. Jai and Mahi are also foster parents to a boy named Rajveer and a girl named Khushi.


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