Netflix’s ‘BioShock’ Movie – ‘I Am Legend’ Filmmaker Francis Lawrence Will Direct

one of the scariest movies of the year Robbie Banfitchhave nightmare outwaters, which has received numerous reviews from Chattanooga and Panic Fest, with our own Megan Navarro calling it “a singular, experimental descent into depravity and terrifying chaos.” You passed to read his review.

Some have compared indie to iconic Blair Witch Project Declaring it the next great cult horror film.

While we wait for distribution news, Banfitch, who not only directed but wrote, edited, produced and starred in the film, shared this funny “newspaper clipping” that lets you Blair Witch Project Vibes mentioned earlier.

In outwatersFour travelers encounter a dangerous incident while camping in a remote stretch of the Mojave Desert.

The hype on this is real.

Delayed called it “a terrifying, suffocating experience”, while ihorror says that it is “on track to become the next cult horror film,” adding that it is “the most disturbing film of the year.”

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We all die in the dark…

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