Odroid Is Back With The Odroid Go Ultra Game Download

 It looks like a new Odroid device will be launching in October for $111!


The Odroid Go Ultra will be the same size as the Odroid Go Super with new internals. The price looks good and it should be a nice update to the OGS. If history repeats, it will also not be long before PowKiddy knocks this device off. 🤮

Key Changes To OGU:

“The CPU was changed from RK3326 with 1.3Ghz Quad-core ARM Cortex-A35 to S922X with 2.2Ghz Hexa-core ARM Cortex-A73/53.

The DRAM was changed from 1GB DDR3 1536Mbps to 2GB LPDDR4x 3216Mbps.

The GPU was changed from Mali G31 2xEE to Mali G52 6xEE.

Therefore, the overall actual perceived performance improvement is more than doubled.

Note that LPDDR4x memory bandwidth is almost 1.2 times faster than the ODROID-N2+ DDR4 memory bandwidth providing better 2D/3D rendering performance.

Thanks to the onboard(soldered) 16GB eMMC storage, the booting time is much faster, and the root file system is more robust than a microSD card.”

“At this moment, the reference Ubuntu 20.04.4 BSP image supports the following systems(cores).

* atari2600

* atari5200

* atari7800

* atarilynx

* gamegear

* gb

* gba

* gbc

* mastersystem

* megadrive

* nes

* pcengine

* pcenginecd

* psx

* segacd

* snes

* psp

* mame2003

* n64

* dreamcast

* gamecube”



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