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To our friends and peers in the community,

Unprecedented times. None of us can fully control external forces, but we can stay united as a community and take action to support each other, and that is what we are focusing on every day.

SweetRush is 200+ people strong in 14 countries, a high-performing team with a culture of caring, and 100% virtual since 2009.

Many of you are transitioning to virtual teams. We have been extremely successful operating virtually for over 10 years. Can we help you in any way during your transition? We have so much to offer; check in with us.

Everyone at SweetRush is working hard to support each other and our client-partners. We are actively engaged, collaborating with clients to create virtual learning, navigate change, strengthen culture, staff remote teams, and assist nonprofits and foundations. We are so thankful to be working on custom learning solutions for teams combatting the coronavirus through our initiative C.A.R.E. (COVID-19 Action Response eLearning Center).

We know this is a difficult time for you, and if we can help, we are standing by. Together let’s see our way through this moment. This too will be in our rearview mirror, just like the many challenges all of us have faced in the past. We believe that you will find, as we did in 2009, that there will be many opportunities to innovate and change, as old patterns give way to new.

—Andrei Hedstrom & Arturo Schwartzberg, SweetRush Cofounders, and the entire SweetRush team

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