The Boy 3? Director Discusses Possibility of More Brahms Movies

released in 2016 William Brent Bell‘s (Orphan: First Killhorror film Boy Introduced the character of Brahms, a scary doll who turns out to be a red herring in the film. The doll itself, we learn in the final act, is not actually cursed or able to come to life, but rather a person living in the walls of the film’s central location moving the doll around the house.

2020 sequel Brahms: The Boy II, however, doesn’t pick up from that point at all, but instead turns Brahm into your run-of-the-mill evil doll. This was not the original plan for a sequel, but the viral popularity of the Brahm character set a new direction for the franchise.

So what next? will brahm be coming back boy 3,

speaking with bloody disgusting Boo Crew Podcast In a new chat that went live this week, William Brent Bell notes that there is still much to be discovered in the world of Brahman…

“I think like everything else it’s difficult. there must be a third boy,” Brent Bell tells The Boo Crew. “Initially, we were supposed to roll the sequel into a story about the slasher killer. And then the years went by and it’s like, if we had made that film with Jason Blum, he would have been making the third film by the time the second film came out, because he knows when he has something that will appeal to people. There is interest. And we didn’t have that kind of mechanics, you know, so everybody’s around tiptoeing more, being told what to do.

“And after a few years, it was this doll that kind of lived on and became a meme on social media, and they were like, Wow, that’s out of the movie. And so that got more attention.” , like his story, sort of, and now, it’s like, I think the man in the wall … edits on Tik Tok have been viewed 200 million times, and the amount of [fan] Art … it is infinite. And it’s all so interesting, creative. And people are very much liking his character. And of course, the two characters together are still an interesting team.

“And I love that kind of story… like Esther, seeing a side of them, and humanizing them, or at least seeing what they’re going through. And yes, she’s a sociopath, that wrong choice. But I can relate to how hard life must be. Similarly, with Brahma, you know, it’s like, oh yeah, you’re a bad kid, and your parents Hit you to protect you, but they also drove you crazy. So likewise, if we ever did, or if they did that, or still, to me, it’s like the Joker version. And this It would be 10 years and then… well, he survived that first film.”

Brent Bell continues, “It was always in the script for the sequel: They never found his body. And to me, it’s fascinating… what has he been up to since then? And then why would he start killing again? Is it? Maybe. But there are a lot of great stories and there are prequels. It’s another rich world that owes itself a lot,

You can listen to The Boo Crew’s full conversation with William Brent Bell below.

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