Usha Khanna on Saawan Kumar Tak: I always felt he was more a friend than husband, it hurts that I’ve lost my dear friend – Exclusive | Hindi Movie News

Acclaimed musician Usha Khanna, who was married to Sawan Kumar Tak, is grieving over the loss of her dear friend and ex-husband. While talking to ETimes, she controlled her emotions and said, “Sawan ji was a very dear friend of mine. I have lost him today. What can I say about him.”

Usha Khanna has composed memorable songs like Hum Tumse Juda Hoke (Ek Sapera Ek Lootera), Chhodo Kal Ki Baatein (Hum Hindustani) and Maybe Meri Shaadi Ka Khayal (Sawan Kumar Tak Ke Souten Se) and has spent a large part of her career in her career. cooperation is shown. Tack. Recalling his career, he said, “We have worked together in many films. The best part of working with him was the ease with which he would collaborate with any other artist. He gave me complete freedom. Used to say, ‘Aap waai waai waai ki jain aap ko sahi lagta hai (You do it as you see fit)’. He never harassed me while I was working.”

Recalling his contribution as a lyricist, Usha said, “Since he was the director and producer, it was better for him to write the song. Otherwise, he would have to work with another writer to understand the situation, the scenes and the thoughts behind every emotion. Have to explain. But he would write the songs himself and working with him as a lyricist and as a composer I was always very easy.”

Emotional over all the thoughts, Usha continued, “He was a very dear friend. In fact even in our marriage, I always felt that he was more of a friend than my husband. That’s why I feel even more sad that I have lost.” My dear friend.” Despite their separation, Usha and Sawan Kumar were still best friends and kept in touch frequently.

Recalling their last conversation, Usha said, “I spoke to him just four days ago. He told me that he would find a new cook at home and he was cooking delicious food for him. He asked me to come home and eat.” Asked to take a sample of the cook. I told him, ‘My month of Shravan is going on, it is up to me, so I won’t eat shakti (this is the month of Shravan and I am fasting, I will not eat)’. I told him that my hearing ends on August 28, so he insisted that I go to his house to taste the food on the same day.”

Usha is waiting to go to Tak’s house tomorrow and say goodbye to her best friend.


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