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If you’re continually looking towards New Horizons every time you turn on your Switch, then check out the 20 best Animal Crossing gifts to brighten up your day!

Whether you’re a die-hard Animal Crossing fan or have a Tom Nook fanatic in your life, these exciting gifts will compliment any gaming session and turn any office or living room into a bona fide island paradise.

Cook like an islander, game like a Tanuki, and snooze yourself into dreamland with a comfortable pillow wearing snazzy socks.

There’s an Animal Crossing gift for everyone in our official list, so let’s dive in and find the perfect one for you!

First up on this list of the best Animal Crossing gifts is a controller based on the main man Tom Nook himself. This Racoon Pro Controller is the perfect companion for every Animal Crossing fan!

With a built in 6-axis gyroscope and dual motors, all of your island dwelling adventures will be carried out with the highest precision.

In other words, all your movements will be incredibly accurate, with no nasty lag or jerkiness.

If you like having a rumble in your controller, then you can adjust the level of vibration with 4 different settings too.

And, the 500mAh batter lasts for around 5-7 hours of game time!

best Animal Crossing gifts - animal crossing cookbook

Have you ever felt hungry while playing Animal Crossing and thinking about some of the delicious recipes they cook up in the game?

Well, thanks to the Animal Crossing Cookbook, now you can whip up your favourite dishes and drinks from the series!

Following the specific instructions and working step by step with ingredient amounts and easy-to-follow methods, you can make everything from Spicy That Mint Beef to Honey Pound Cake.

And why not wash it down with a cup of Lavender and Rose Tea too?

Alongside each recipe is a colourful photo depicting the dish described. Just don’t drool on the paper, otherwise you’ll ruin the book!

Of course, one of the ultimate best Animal Crossing gifts has to be the Nintendo Switch – Animal Crossing: New Horizons Edition console.

Twinned with the Raccoon Pro Controller, this would make any Animal Crossing fan’s day 1000-times brighter!

Complete with Tom Nook and the Nooklings Timmy and Tommy, this themed console comes with pastel Joycons and coloured straps.

You’ll also get a white Switch dock too and a neat little box that definitely wouldn’t look out of place on a display shelf!

best Animal Crossing gifts - animal crossing monopoly

Everyone loves Monopoly, and everyone loves Animal Crossing. I guess it only makes sense that Monopoly Animal Crossing: New Horizons Edition exists and is one of the most sought-after Animal Crossing gifts of 2022.

Play with characters inspired by the world of Animal Crossing as you move around the age-old Monopoly board with an exciting new twist.

Collect everything from bugs to fruit as you move around the board, finding bells and earning Nook miles to win.

There’s also a new die to contend with; the Nook’s Cranny die that tells you what resources you can sell on your go.

This is a fun game for all the family, but mainly if your family likes Animal Crossing!

There are lots of characters in Animal Crossing, and thanks to this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Day-To-Day Calendar 2023, you can see which one of them has a birthday on each and every day of the year!

Celebrate the birthdays of over 400 characters as you go through the year, with a new surprise every day.

Just tear of the page for each new day, and maybe even keep the old ones in a scrap book!

Keep up to date with all the national holidays from your work desk or table thanks to the slick easel-backer too. The perfect slice of geekiness for any office.

best Animal Crossing gifts - Tommy and Timmy pro controller

I think it’s about time we had another Pro Controller, don’t you?

This officially licensed Rock Candy Wired Gaming Switch Timmy & Tommy Pro Controller featuring the little Nooklings wors with all Nintendo Switch console versions.

The light but hard casing of this controller is incredibly durable and eye-catching at the same time. It feels nice in the hands too, not becoming too slippery after a stressful session tending to your island.

I always like it when I see the innards of my controllers too; geeking about what makes consoles and gamepads work is what we’re all about, after all.

If I’m honest, I prefer using this controller design to the original Joycons. And, as it’s wired, you can play any of your favourite Switch games without worrying about whether ou have enough battery power banked up!

This 8.6″ K.K Slider Plush Toy is the real deal.

I mean, a soft toy of the world’s coolest dog was always going to make our list of the best Animal Crossing gifts of all time.

If only I looked as cool when I played guitar. Maybe I need to work on my stance… ?

best Animal Crossing gifts - Animal Crossing thumb Grip caps

If you’ve gone so far as to buy a new controller to play Animal Crossing with, then you should definitely consider souping it up with these Animal Crossing Thumb Grip Caps for Nintendo Switch/Switch Lite Controller!

Apart from looking very bright and colourful, these silicone thumb grips make playing for long periods of time much more comfortable and can improve your grip on the joystick.

They also add a little bit of height to the joystick too and claim to increase your precision when gaming.

For me, they’re just a cool way to show everyone you love Animal Crossing and nice little stocking filler for someone who can’t get enough of Tom Nook.

Any Animal Crossing fan will know the value of having a Bell Bag, especially if it’s full of sweet sweet island currency.

This velvet Bell Bag replica is a neat little bag for storing everything from makeup to toiletries or essential items for a weekend away.

Folding up small when not in use and feeling like a toy once stuffed with your chosen items, it’s a great gift for those that spend a little too much time caught up in New Horizons rather than the real world.

best Animal Crossing gifts - Tom Nook Plush Pillow

If you have a little reading nook that you like to curl up in with a good book, then why not add this Tom Nook Plush Pillow into the equation.

What more do we need to say about this 40cm-wide pillow of everyone’s favourite money-grabbing Tanuki?

Super comfy, big enough to relax back on, and Animal Crossing themed, this pillow is a green addition to any games room or bedroom

One for kids and big kids too!

If heat changing mugs still feel like wizardry in 2022, then this Paladone Animal Crossing Heat Changing Mug will be right up your street!

This mug is perfect for hot or cold beverages, but the real magic happens once you opt for a warm drink.

When cold, users can see their favourite characters with a patchwork inner. Once hot water is added, the whole patchwork is revealed, bearing iconic characters and items from the game series.

Be the nerdiest worker in the office or claim the best mug in the house; Paladone have you covered alright!

best Animal Crossing gifts - Animal Crossing socks

As someone who pretty much exclusively wears Muppets socks on a day to day basis, I know the power of a good geeky sock.

These Animal Crossing Socks come in 6 different designs and bear 6 different characters from the series.

Fitting sizes 8 through 12, these are definitely ones for adults and not kids to wear.

I guess you could always buy them for a child to eventually grow into? Adult goals?

PowerA make some incredibly officially licensed products, and this PowerA Animal Crossing Protective Case For Nintendo Switch Lite is the perfect case for any Switch Lite users out there.

With a sturdy shell bearing the most famous Tanuki in town as well as other villagers, this felt-lines interior has a padded screen-protector and can store up to six game carts.

Grab hold of the rubberised handle and safely transport your Switch with style!

best Animal Crossing gifts - Tom Nook Amiibo

Tapping this Tom Nook Amibo onto a Wii U gamepad will provide some secret unlockable features for gamers to enjoy.

Players can now purchase Tom Nook’s poster and use him in in Photopia to pose in photo events.

Or, if you don’t want to use it, you can always just place him on a shelf and look at him lovingly from time to time.

If you’ve spent any time playing Animal Crossing (and let’s face it, if you’ve made it this far down this list then you definitely should have done), then you’ll know all about Brewster.

Brewster works in the the Roost coffee shop all day, every day. And now, you can enjoy a warm cup of Joe in Brewster’s Coffee Mug at home, in the office, or on the road!

Look at him balancing that cup of coffee on his head; that’s one clever pigeon!

best Animal Crossing gifts - animal crossing pillow

If you enjoy thinking and dreaming about Animal Crossing, then perhaps it’s time to put your head on an Animal Crossing Pillow too.

This colourful polyester pillow has Tom Nook, the Nooklings, and many other famous faces from the game series for you to look at while drifting off to sleep.

I can’t think of a better set of people to look after you as you drift into the land of nod!

What’s better than one of the best Animal Crossing gifts featuring happy villager characters? How about Nintendo Amiibo Animal Crossing New Horizon Sanrio Collaboration Exclusive Pack featuring Hello Kitty too?

Yeah, that would probably do it!

Get Sanrio themed items in New Horizons by scanning the Amiibo cards in each pack. Use them on either you Nintendo Switch or New Nintendo 3DS.

I reckon Tom Nook and Hello Kitty could make one heck of a business together!

best Animal Crossing gifts - Joy con comfort grip

Next up on our list of the best Animal Crossing gifts is a joycon grip with a difference, that difference being Isabelle peeping from the bottom!

This rubber grip is comfortable to hold and comes with player indicator panels as standard, just like the official Nintendo controller grips.

Speaking of which, the PowerA Animal Crossing Joy-Con Comfort Grip is also an officially licensed product!

The villagers in Animal Crossing would never go out without proper hydration. Now, thanks to this Paladone Animal Crossing Water Bottle, you won’t have to either!

This metal water bottle is thin enough to slip into any bag and comes with a leak-proof lid.

Your day won’t get ruined by a spilled drink any time soon, and it’ll stay fresh for hours and hours.

This officially licensed water bottle features smiling faces of your favourite characters, just like the Animal Crossing Pillow above. Perfect for any fan of any age, it’s a neat little collectible that you can use again and again…

… because it’s a reusable water bottle, obviously.

best Animal Crossing gifts - Animal crossing playing cards

Last, but not least, these Animal Crossing Playing Cards finish off our lit of the best Animal Crossing gifts.

Seeing a little villager as a joker and playing with cards bearing characters form the series makes any game of Blackjack or Rummy infinitely more exciting.

Once you’ve finished playing New Horizons for the day, you can kick back and keep the action going off-screen with family members and friends.

Maybe you could do some magic tricks with them too!

Check out Animal Crossing and other titles in our list of the best Nintendo 3DS games of all time!

20 Best Animal Crossing Gifts Of 2022

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